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14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings

Traditional 14k yellow gold hoop earrings are simply that – hoop earrings! But there are so many variations of hoop earrings that they no longer fit the mold. They can be fashioned in any number of ways, with or without gemstones set in the hoops and there are more styles than you will ever have cause to wear. From simple polished 14k gold hoop earrings in a variety of sizes to filigree earrings and figures formed into hoops, you will never lack for a fashionable pair.

Traditional Small, Medium and Large Hoops
Traditional hoop earrings are simply formed like a tubular hoop and they can range from tiny huggie hoop earrings that ‘hug’ the earlobe to huge hoops reminiscent of pirate golden earrings. This is how we generally tend to envision 14k yellow gold hoop earrings.

14k Yellow Gold Fashion Six Hoop Earrings
Sometimes there are several gold hoops joined together as in the six hoop earrings that are quite popular at the moment. However, there are styles that have three, four and five gold hoops attached as well. This style is generally at least one inch in diameter and priced according to the total weight of the gold.

14k Yellow Gold Filigree Hoop Earrings
Perhaps one of the loveliest variations of gold hoop earrings is when they are done in an intricate filigree fashion. These are truly some of the most remarkable earrings on the market, not only in terms of hoop earrings, but any style whatsoever. Filigree is ultra feminine and an art form all its own. To get the full effect of this style, the earring should be at least three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

Spiral Design 14k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings
Spiral hoops are formed with a thin gold wire coiled around to form a circle around the ear and these can be quite remarkable, especially when a brush finish is utilized. Sometimes the ‘coil’ or spiral is done in a diamond cut for more interesting effects which gives the spiral a sparkling radiance.

14k Graduated Floral Hoop Earrings
Starting at both the back as well as the front of the earlobe, graduated floral hoop earrings begin with a plain gold hoop and as it works toward the middle, a floral pattern begins to take shape. It is still a hoop as it is circular in design, but the middle section is like a ring of flower petals. This is a nice embellishment to an otherwise simple hoop since it adds texture to the earring.

Yellow Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings
Twisted hoop earrings are quite interesting. The hoop is made from a thick golden ribbon but it is twisted around and around as it gently makes its way from the front of the lobe to the back. Usually this type of earring has a brushed or satin finish to provide a soft sheen to the gold. While gold twisted earrings can be any size from huggies to large hoops, quite often these earrings are at least one and one-half inches in diameter.

14k Elephant Hoop Earrings
At the moment, elephant jewelry is trendy and now there are even 14k yellow gold elephant hoop earrings! The hoop begins in the back and as it works its way forward an elephant shape begins to emerge. The trunk of the elephant reaches up to complete the hoop just where it reaches the front of the lobe. What a delightful variation of yellow gold hoop earrings!

It is possible to find any number of remarkable 14k yellow gold earrings without ever needing to stick with a simple gold hoop unless that is what you desire. They can be fashioned as spirals or as twists, the hoop can form a circular figure like the elephant hoop earrings, or the yellow gold can be set with one or more stones if so desired. One thing is for sure. Hoop earrings will always be fashionable so you can never have too many!

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