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18K White Gold Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are the perfect Valentines Day gift or wedding gift. Any woman who has a desire to be fashionable should have at least one pair in her jewelry collection. 18K white gold is a costly precious white metal combined with gold to give it its white appearance. When you wear a pair of 18k white gold diamond earrings you will be immediately noticed whenever you walk into a room. Pairing fine quality diamonds with white gold makes the diamonds shine with exceptional brilliance. Clear or colorless diamonds appear white to the eye and the diamonds will reflect back the shine from fine quality white gold. White gold is ideal for the creation of diamond earrings. Owning a pair of these earrings is an essential fashion accessory that women can wear frequently and with almost anything. They are certain to be a favorite.

18k white gold diamond earrings are embedded with diamonds and contain more alloys than 22k gold diamond earrings. Also, the 18k gold makes the diamonds more secure in their setting than 22k gold. 18k white gold diamond earrings are one of the better types of jewelry that can be purchased as gifts and for personal wear. They are available in a large variety of designs and styles. In fact, the many choices you have in white gold diamond earrings can be quite daunting for anyone. However, if you know your style or the style of the woman you are buying them for, you will be able to choose the perfect pair with little difficulty.

The most common designs for earrings you will find on the market are stud and drop earrings. You can also find various styles of 18k white gold diamond hoop earrings. The hope earrings are every bit as gorgeous as the stud or drop earrings. Of all the earring designs, the most popular type of diamond earrings are the stud design, with hoops coming in second. However, for a formal event you would want to wear drops or dangles to give your gown a spectacular finishing touch. These are also the best for semi-formal evening wear such when going out to a dinner party. Stud and hoop diamond earrings are suitable for everyday wear. The size of stones you can get in stud earrings are can be very small to large. Some 18k white gold diamond earrings can be very extravagant in appearance because of the size of the diamonds.

When choosing your 18k white gold diamond earrings keep in mind that the white gold is made with measured amounts of palladium or silver. The lower the carat, the less palladium or silver will be in them. White gold also has a small amount of nickel mixed in for added strength. The earrings are typically coated with a layer of rhodium to protect the precious metal from being scratched. Earrings of such high quality metals can be worn for long periods of time without irritating the ears.

When shopping for earrings for someone else you should always take into consideration the recipients style and when and where the earrings will be worn. If you are going to be wearing your18k white gold diamond earrings to work the better choice would be to go with studs. Hoop earrings are also suitable for work but they tend to be less practical. An older woman may prefer more intricate designs while younger women generally like the more simplistic styles. Also, a person with a long face may like the look of drop earrings better. You will be able to see all the styles available by searching online where you can also find 18k white gold diamond earrings at much better prices than you can in local retail jewelry stores. No matter where you buy your diamond earrings, just be sure you buy them from a reputable jeweler that provides certification with their diamonds.

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