Best Diamond Earrings

2 Carat Diamond Earrings

There is no doubt that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when it comes to choosing diamond earrings, the bigger the better. When considering diamonds look for 2 carat diamond earrings as these are certain to impress and will display a beautiful array of hues when in light. To make certain your 2 carat diamond earrings are of the best quality, make certain to select your earrings from a certified GIA trained Graduate Gemologist or holds credentials as an Accredited Jewelry Professional. Qualified jewelers should be associated with nationally recognized associations such as the American Gem Trade Association and the American Gem Society. By choosing high quality, 2 carat diamond earrings you can make certain your recipient will be well pleased with her gift.

The four Cs classifies diamonds. These include Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. Many only consider carats when choosing diamonds, but it is imperative to consider all four Cs and make your decision accordingly. Carat determines the weight of the diamond and this contributes to a diamond’s overall worth and value. In addition to carat, a diamond’s color also determines the value. When choosing 2 carat diamond earrings you can select from a variety of colors ranging from colorless to light yellow and brown. There are also specialty colors such as pink, blue and black that make beautiful diamond jewelry. Diamond color is classified by letter with a grading system that starts with the letter D and ends with Z. Diamonds with a color grade of D are colorless and often considered the most valuable due to their ability to reflect light. Certain people may prefer one color to another making that diamond more valuable in their opinion. This is often the case with many specialty and rare colors.

Cut is another of the four Cs that is a contributing factor to a diamond’s overall value. Diamonds may be cut in a number of different styles and though there are varying shapes, diamond cut refers to the facets reflected by the diamond. Cut is imperative in determining the overall value of a diamond and determines its brilliance and shine. Therefore, many feel that the cut is the most important of the four Cs to consider. When choosing 2 carat diamond earrings look for one that is well cut, enabling the beauty of light to reflect from its facets. You will want to make certain that your 2 carat diamond earrings have a high clarity grade. The highest grade is flawless meaning there are no external blemishes or internal inclusions.

When buying 2 carat diamond earrings there are several varieties and styles, you can select from. Diamond earrings may be studs, diamond dangle or drop earrings, chandelier style, or diamonds spread around a circular hoop form. Diamond stud earrings are the most popular, but some women prefer chandelier, hoop, and dangle styles. If selecting diamond earrings as a gift, take into account the woman’s face shape and personal preferences. This will lessen the chance you select a gift that the recipient is less than excited about. When you purchase diamonds, you want to ensure you make the best selection and that the recipient will be thrilled about her gift for years to come. As 2 carat diamond earrings is not an inexpensive gift, take the time to make certain you select a style that she will adore and rave about.

Diamond earrings may be simple and classic or modern, hip and trendy. There are always new designs that stray from timeless pieces and incorporate more artistic elements in their creations. Make certain that you select a design that your recipient will enjoy. If you are not sure which style is best then you may have to play detective and use various opportunities to find out which shape, design, and style your recipient favors. Also, take into account that women wear different earrings with various outfits and what your recipient wears to a club is different from what she would wear to the opera. If you want to select a pair of earrings that may be worn for all occasions consider studs. If you want to select 2 carat diamond earrings that are worn only on special outings, consider artistic designs such as chandelier styles.

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