Additional Reviews

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Additional Reviews

Before launching Some Fantastic, Matthew Appleton spent a number of years as an occasional reviewer for The New York Review of Science Fiction. In the spring of 2006, he started sporadically reviewing for them again. You can read those many of those reviews by clicking on the title of the books listed below. Note: As part of the transfer and impending relaunch, all the links now redirect you to the new Some Fantastic website.




Jack Faust

Michael Swanwick

February, 1998

Foundation's Fear

Gregory Benford

April, 1998

City on Fire

Walter Jon Williams

July, 1998

Newton's Cannon

J. Gregory Keyes

December, 1998

Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels

David Pringle

July, 1999

Infinity Beach

Jack McDevitt

August, 2000

The Termination Node

Lois H. Gresh
& Robert Weinberg

September, 2000

Cities in Flight

James Blish

October, 2000


Eric Flint

December, 2000

Balshazzar's Serpent

Jack L. Chalker

January, 2001

Red Moon

Michael Cassutt

September, 2001

The Best Military Science
Fiction of the Twentieth Century

Harry Turtledove &
Martin H. Greenberg (eds.)

October, 2001

The Meek

Scott Mackay

November, 2001

Jumping off the Planet & Bouncing off the Moon

David Gerrold

June, 2003


Katherine Kerr

September, 2003

Jennifer Government

Max Barry

October, 2003

First Meetings in the Enderverse

Orson Scott Card

December, 2003

The Holy Land

Robert Zubrin

July, 2004

Old Man's War

John Scalzi

April, 2006

The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl

Tim Pratt

January, 2007


Steven Savile &
Alethea Kontis (eds.)

July, 2007

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