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Black Diamond Earrings

Black diamond earrings are known for their flawless finish and faceted cut. The gemstones may range in carat and value but all complement a woman’s skin tone perfectly. There is something simply elegant about black diamond earrings and they fit beautifully with a woman’s wardrobe adding style and glamour to any outfit. As black diamonds are rare they are the perfect gift for a woman whom possesses a unique and special quality.

When choosing black diamond earrings you can select from a wide variety of styles, shapes and designs. Black diamond stud earrings are a perfect choice for many women and are available in both white and yellow gold. Black diamond hoop earrings are the perfect accessory for evening wear and are a wonderful choice for those who are also wearing bangles. Whether selecting black diamond earrings for yourself or others as a gift it’s important to consider the face shape of the wearer as this will help make the selection process easier.

A round face is one that is circular and has the same length and width. Circular faces are characterized by a round chin as well. Celebrities with a round face include Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dundst and Cameron Diaz. Those with a round face shape will find that drop earrings or longer, oval styles are best as this helps balance out the roundness of the face shape. Round, stud earrings may draw away from the length and enhance the roundness so it is best to avoid these types. Other earring styles that may prove troublesome with round face shapes are hoop earrings. Look for dangles or even black diamond earrings in angular shapes as these will best complement the round face shape.

One of the most desired facial shapes is the oval as it is perfectly balanced from the forehead to the chin and the face measures approximately 1 ½ times in length to width. Celebrities with an oval face include Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez, and Heidi Klum. The oval face shape is known for the ability to wear any type of jewelry design or eyeglass frame and the selection in black diamond earrings for this face type is vast. Essentially, a woman with an oval face shape can wear any type of earring and look great.

The square face shape is identified by a square hairline and angular jaw line. The forehead appears broad and the face is softened by choosing round earrings. Celebrities with a square shape face include Demi Moore, Keira Knightley, and Paris Hilton. As those with square shape faces are already dealing with width to the face, choosing square, angle or large earrings, such as hoops will make the face appear wider. Soft, round earrings are the best choice.

The heart shaped face is identified by a narrow chin and wider forehead. The face is similar to the oval shape only the face shape from the cheekbones to chin becomes narrower. Some famous celebrities with a heart shape face include Micha Barton, Carmen Electra, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson. Because the face becomes narrower, it is a good idea to choose earrings that help fill out this area, therefore creating width and balance. Any shape earring that is wider at the bottom than at the top, such as chandelier type, is a good choice.

The diamond shaped face is identified by an angular jaw line and a strong forehead with more width across the cheekbones. The forehead and chin are narrower with the width of the face running across the cheeks. Some famous celebrities with diamond shape faces include Sophia Loren, Linda Evangelista and Katherine Hepburn. As diamond shape faces are wider across the cheekbones, it is best to wear earrings that accentuate your cheekbones. Soft studs, and earrings that complement your face shape by accentuating the width without distracting with length are a good choice. Don’t choose earrings that are too long, as these will cause the eye to look further down, but keep the size closer to the earlobe. Small earrings that dangle and studs in a variety of shapes are a good choice. Avoid angular earrings such as triangle or diamond shapes.

An oblong face is characterized by its length and is usually long and thin. Celebrities with this type of face shape include Gwyneth Paltrow and Niki Taylor. Since the face is long it’s best to avoid earrings that are also long. Round earrings, heart, squares or other angular type earrings are a good choice.

Black diamond earrings are a wonderful addition to any woman’s jewelry collection. Choosing earrings based upon face shape will help ensure that the earrings look wonderful on the wearer.

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