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Black Diamond Stud Earrings

Want to look stylish and exotic at your next evening event? Want to go 'out on the town' with a crowd forever watching your every move? Want to stand out in the crowd, regardless of who is around you? These are all common desires, particularly on a night out. While there are many ways to achieve each one, none are quite as simple, as astonishing, and as classy as with a black diamond.

Black diamonds, most often synthetically formed colored diamonds, are exotic and beautiful, with a shine so bright and a beautiful consistency that anyone and everyone will be looking your way. One of the most popular forms of synthetic diamond available, black diamonds have been used as a key element of everything from costly diamond rings to bracelets, pendants to earrings, and even more.

In this brief guide, we're going to look at one of the most popular forms of black diamond jewelry – the black diamond earrings. Available in a huge range of cuts and styles, and outfitted with several different base metals, black diamond earrings are both a hot fashion statement and a classy jewelry item, able to transform even the most bland of outfits into something that grabs attention anywhere.

If you're searching for the ultimate set of small stud earrings, be sure to continue reading. Black diamond stud earrings are a dramatic, yet understated way to stand out in any social event. With class, grace, and the immense appeal of diamonds – in fact, the even greater appeal of rare, high-contrast, colored diamonds – they're sure to please even the most discerning of jewelry gurus.

Search for diamond earrings online and you'll immediately be taken aback by one thing. It's not the immense range available, or the great styles, or even the way they shine in the light. It's the pricing, and particularly the higher end of it. Diamond earrings are expensive, with even a basic set costing hundreds, often thousands, of dollars, and high-value designer sets often costing thousands alone.

There must be an alternative, right? With so many women – many of them young students and other non-workers – sporting diamond earrings, there must be a secret to their affordability. There is. It's a fairly open secret, actually. Black diamonds, along with other lab-produced diamonds, cost a slither as much as their mine-found counterparts, allowing anyone to afford a set of valuable earrings.

In fact, a set of black diamond earrings, complete with a white or yellow gold exterior, can often be found for as little as two-hundred dollars. Set that next to a set of high-end clear diamond earrings, and the value becomes immediately apparent. Instead of spending thousands on one set of earrings at a time, you could build out your wardrobe quickly with low-cost, high-quality black diamonds.

So what is a black diamond, exactly? It's a popular from of manmade diamond. These diamonds have all the physical characteristics of mined diamonds – immense hardness, durability, and true diamond shine – yet they're widely available at a fraction of the price of other diamonds. With an incredible look and feel, black diamonds are amongst the world's best looking center gemstones.

These incredible gemstones are at home alongside all kinds of metals, but there are a particular few that look particularly amazing against black diamonds. These include white gold, which is used as a base metal for many black diamond earrings. With a pale and shiny style, white gold is the ultimate contrast to the sleek, dark style of a pair of one-karat, or even half-karat, black diamond gemstones.

Then there's yellow gold, which creates a fantastic colorful contrast with black diamonds, resulting in a set of earrings that beautifully complements other gold jewelry. There's an old saying that black really does go with everything, and it couldn't be more true. Where other gemstones look kitsch and gaudy, black diamonds can look elegant, fitting in with almost any outfit in your collection.

Finally, a large number of black diamond stud earrings are now being finished in sterling silver – a beautiful metal that produces an industrial-style contrast with the gemstone itself. This type of stud earring is often outfitted with 'margarita diamonds' – small diamonds added to the exterior of black center diamonds to add volume to the earring, and produce new contrast around the earring itself.

With so many choices available, it can seem difficult to know which black diamond stud earrings are worth purchasing. As with all jewelry, there's a trade-off between price and quality that is key, particularly when it comes to finding earrings that are durable and ready to last the long term. An inexpensive set of earrings might last for a few years, while a high quality set can last for decades.

The biggest determiner of quality and durability, surprisingly, isn't the gemstone itself, but the back and mount materials surrounding the stud. Look for solid settings for your black diamond earrings, as the firmness of the stud within the earring directly relates to its longevity. Studs that feel loose in the earring can pop out, resulting in a broken earring, and in some cases, a lost black diamond.

Offering both style, grace, and exclusivity, black diamond earrings are a great way to add flair and style to all of your outfits. Compatible with all colors and small enough to fit alongside any outfit, they're the ultimate diamond earring set. Are you ready to stand out in any crowd? With your own set of black diamond stud earrings, standing out isn't just a possibility – it's the only possibility.

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