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Black Diamond Studs

The A-Z of black gem stones is as follows: aphibolite, black lip shell, black moonstone, black obsidian, black tourmaline, bull’s eye agate, hematite, jet, lava, lodestone, onyx, pearls (black), sardonyx, snowflake obsidian, tekitite, tourmilated quartz and zebra jasper. All of these are beautiful in their own fashion, some even unique in their design. But nothing beats a diamond. For many, a diamond stud is not just a stone mounted in a metal setting; it is a big fashion statement. It can speak softly and quietly whisper “I love you” or it can shout out in no uncertain terms “I have made it!” It can be for someone special who doesn’t usually dwell upon finery, pomp and circumstance; or it can be for the person who only accepts the finest things that money can buy.

Why black diamonds?
Black diamond studs or other black based jewelry is somehow darkly elegant. It carries with it an air of mystery that enticingly pulls the eye of its beholder and restrains it there, captive, with this shadowy mystique. You cannot take your eyes away, it will not let you. You appreciate its gloomy elegance and yet cannot see it for what it truly is. It is a dark mesmeric entity which draws you in and leaves you forever its prisoner; for you will not be able to stay away. You will be continuously drawn back, your eyes will return over and over again, to its lustrous obscurity. And even when you leave, it shall stay with you and haunt you; forever in your memory, forever in your essence. Yes, we are still referring to jewelry.

Black diamond onyx studs
These little beauties are beyond comparison to any other combination of precious or semi precious stones. They stand alone in their unique balance of dark and light. 3000 years ago, the Hindus began wearing diamonds; albeit rough cut ones, with the belief that it would protect them against negative forces. Now cut and polished to a dazzling brilliance, they can be combined with onyx to create some of the most superbly crafted fashion wear available for purchase. From simple to glamorous, from studs to low swaying splendor, black diamond onyx studs can dress up even the finest evening wear that money can buy.

But what to do with a black diamond stud?
Amazingly, there are black diamond stud earrings available for purchase under $50.00. Two tiny sterling silver (with black diamond) heart shaped stud earrings; completely unassuming in their design, are available for $19.95 (considerably less than its $79.99 beginning price) on Also in the under $50.00 bracket are; angels with wings, peace symbols, love knots, hearts with butterflies inside them, sterling silver and black diamond stud round or oval hoops, gold or silver studs with a black diamond in a single setting and black diamond studs in gold or silver with a cultured pearl suspended from the stud. By using the single setting black diamond stud but adding to its design by including white diamonds in a outline pattern circling the black diamond (once again, in gold or silver) not only the elegance, but the price, is increased. Of course, the price range for black diamond stud earrings can go as high as you would expect it to go. A list price of $9854 (slashed to $5104) is the cost of a pair of black diamond stud and white gold earrings. Put black diamond studs in platinum and you’ve got a $10,735 pair of earrings, similar to those just described in gold, discounted to a reasonable $5568. It’s platinum. But what if we’re talking about black diamond studs that aren’t necessarily earrings?

This’ll blow you away!
Somewhere in my travels, I actually came across a black diamond studs belt buckle that is a grenade. No, of course not a real one, but its shape and detailed design would make it entirely believable were it not for its decorative jewelry quality. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I would never wear such a thing probably, but I kept going back to it. Also, on the lines of strange but true, is a pair of black diamond stud black widow spider earrings. I am not referring to the Halloween ‘trick or treat’ kind of earrings either. These are $149 (marked down to $85.07) black widow black diamond stud earrings. Upon first glance you’re not really sure what to think, just your basic “hmm”. And then it happens. Strangely, they draw you in alluringly.

So we’ve established that black diamond studs can mean simply black diamond stud earrings or basically any decorative wear with black diamond studded accents. Either way, the black diamond stud’s ability to appear dazzling, while at the same time being deceptively distracting, is its singular, unique characteristic; setting it apart from all other gemstones.

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