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Pearls are typically white or opaque in color and are formed inside various types of oysters. Pearls are developed in the oysters as a form of protection against grit and debris that enters into the oysters’ shells. True pearls are very valuable and have been popularly used in jewelry making for centuries. Black pearls are not nearly as common and make beautiful jewelry pieces. They are not typically black in its true form, but more of a very dark gray color and may often include overtones in colors such as purple, blue or green. Black pearls have been prized for centuries because of their color and their rarity. Since most pearls found are cream colored or white, black pearls are thought to be much more valuable because they are so rare.

When choosing black pearls it is important to note that white pearls are often painted or stained to resemble black pearls. This process involves dipping the pearls in a solution made from silver nitrate to give them the dark gray coloring of black pearls. If you are shopping for black pearl earrings or other jewelry pieces, be certain that you are receiving true black pearls and not simply white pearls that have been colored black.

Although rare, the discovery of black pearls is becoming more common which in turn has made them a bit more affordable than they were several decades ago. The pearls typically vary with regards to color hue, iridescence and darkness. Black pearls have become very popular in jewelry pieces around the world. They are typically matched for their color and iridescence to make each jewelry piece more uniform although they can be chosen simply for their size, giving a more unique appearance to the piece. It may be very difficult to find black pearl earrings that have the exact same pearls throughout each piece. Although it can be done, it is often much more costly simply because it is so difficult to find stones that are identical in this manner.

If you are searching for black pearl earrings, it is important that you purchase from someone that you trust. Find a company that has an excellent reputation or visit your local jewelry store. You simply do not want to pay the cost of real black pearls only to learn later that you have received colored white pearls instead which are much less valuable. Before you begin looking for that perfect pair of black pearl earrings, be sure that you set a budget for the purchase. Again, black pearls are more affordable today than they were several years ago but they can still be fairly expensive depending on a number of factors. Set your budget and then begin looking at earring designs that fall into what you can afford to spend. You should also keep in mind that naturally produced pearls are typically much more expensive than pearls that have been cultured so you will need to determine if you can afford natural pearls or if cultured pearls are a better option.

Pearls are typically graded on many different factors including the pearl’s diameter, the type of pearl and the texture as well as the overall luster. You should note that the shape of the black pearl will also have a bearing on the overall cost as will the size, pattern and overall color. Natural pearls are also a bit heavier than faux pearls. If you are unsure of whether or not your chosen black pearl earrings are real pearls or fabricated ones, you should check with a jewelry appraiser. Again, it is important that you purchase black pearl earrings from someone that you trust to sell you the real thing. You do not want to pay hundreds of dollars for your new black pearl earrings only to learn that they are simply plastic beads painted to resemble black pearls. That being said, you will find many styles and designs available that are created from true black pearls and choosing the pair that you will ultimately purchase will depend on your own personal preferences as well as the budget that you have set for yourself.

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