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Blue Diamond Earrings

Blue diamond earrings are revered for their timeless beauty. Often paired with white gold, platinum, or silver, these earrings have a clear, icy look that is often translucent. Brilliant blue diamond earrings add sparkle to a variety of outfits and look wonderful with a variety of skin types. As earrings help frame the face, blue diamonds look wonderful with hair colors such as black, dark brown, auburn and blonde. All eye colors are accentuated by blue diamonds as you can find the in varying tones and hues. Deep, cobalt blue diamond earrings look great with dark brown eyes, while cool, icy blue diamonds look wonderful with blue and green eyes. The color blue ranges from light blue with green flecks or tints to deep, indigo that is practically purple. When choosing blue diamond earrings the options are plentiful.

When selecting blue diamond earrings look for various styles such as round, triangular, or square studs, drop and dangle earrings, lever backs, blue diamond hoops, and geometric or other shapes such as animals crafted from blue diamonds. You can even find blue diamond hoop earrings that complement every hairstyle and outfit. You will need to determine between genuine and synthetic or manmade diamonds. Those who can afford genuine diamonds will find that with the wide selection available, it is possible to find inexpensive blue diamond earrings as well. Those on a limited budget will find that they can purchase between ½ and ¾ carats for an affordable price. Those who would like to spend a little more for quality and clarity may wish to select from one or two carat blue diamond earrings.

You may find that the darker the color blue in blue diamond earrings, the more likely the jewelry is to be set in gold. Pale blue diamonds are often set in silver hues, such as with platinum or white gold. You can also find blue diamond earrings that have a color similar to the gemstone turquoise. These are a wonderful addition to any woman’s wardrobe that features many western wear pieces. As turquoise is often seen as an inexpensive gemstone, blue diamonds are a great way to bring more elegance and class to the wardrobe.

It is common to find blue diamond earrings that are paired with white diamonds or crystals as these have a translucent look and brings out the beauty and radiance of blue diamonds. With a frosty appearance, blue and white diamonds combined are often a perfect gift for winter anniversaries and Christmas. You can select from 10 karat white gold combinations for an extravagant looking pair of earrings at an affordable price.

Those who want to make certain they have a truly beautiful jewelry set should select blue diamond earrings with a matching ring and necklace. Blue diamonds make a fabulous alternative to white diamonds, which are often the first diamond a woman receives. Today, blue diamond earrings are a popular fashion accessory and it is not uncommon to see engagement and wedding rings featuring the stones. Women who own blue diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and engagement rings readily admit that they are amongst their most favorite pieces in their collections. Blue diamond engagement rings ensure that the wearer has a beautiful symbol of their love that is as unique as it is beautiful.

Blue diamonds are available in a number of different designs, patterns, and settings ensuring that there is a jewelry piece perfect for every woman. You can select from blue solitaire diamonds in a variety of settings to multiple stones arranged in intricate and detailed designs. Make certain to take care of your blue diamond earrings and store them properly when not in use.

As diamond earrings are worn close to the face and neck, it is important to use simple methods to prevent them from becoming damaged. Never put on perfume or makeup while wearing your diamond earrings. Wipe your earrings with a dry cloth after wearing to remove any debris or oils that could cause your diamonds to become dull and damaged. If you are going to clean your blue diamond earrings, make certain to use a product that has been specially formulated and designed for use on diamonds. This is especially true if your earrings are manmade, dyed, or clarity enhanced. Blue diamond earrings are a great way to add color to your outfits and are a superb change from traditional clear or colorless diamonds.

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