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Cluster Gemstones Earrings

Cluster gemstone earrings are magnificent as they create a pleasing display of amazing gemstones. Most cluster earrings will have diamonds in the design but other gemstones such as emerald, ruby, and pearl may also be used.

The Design of Cluster Gemstone Earrings
Cluster gemstone earrings feature an actual cluster of gemstones in the earring. The whole earring will droop down from the bottom of the ear. These earrings typically drop no more than 1.5 to 2.5 inches from the ear. The cluster is usually of the same gemstone but sometimes there may be a mixture of gemstones in the design.

The cluster design is intriguing because it does not just stick to one or a few of the gemstones. You will either have a large gemstone with smaller gemstones, or many gemstones in the earring. When used with diamonds, this is especially appealing and can make for great bridal jewelry as well. Diamond cluster earrings would go perfectly with a beautiful white bridal dress.

Buying Cluster Gemstone Earrings
Cluster gemstone earrings can be very inexpensive, costing only a few dollars, or very expensive, costing thousands of dollars. This will depend on the gemstones, the quality of the stones, and the design of the earrings. If you want to purchase a set of cluster earrings with diamonds as the gemstones, then it will obviously be pretty expensive. You can still find affordable diamond cluster earrings but the diamond stone size and quality will not be anything spectacular.

If you decide on buying a set of cluster earrings with diamond as the gemstone, then you will need to know what to look out for so you make the best investment possible. First off, if you are shopping on a small budget then it may be best that you look for previously owned diamond cluster earrings instead. This could save you quite a bit of money and still get you a high quality set of these earrings.

Alternatively, if you can afford a high quality set of diamond cluster earrings at retail price, then go for it. You will still have to do a bit of searching for the best set for your money though. Make sure that you find a set that has quality cut diamond stones. Also factor in the size of the diamonds. You do not want them to be too small or too big, but rather a size that is just right and still within your budget.

When to Wear Cluster Gemstone Earrings
Cluster gemstone earrings should not be worn casually, especially if the gemstones are diamonds. You should only wear these earrings when they match the clothing that you are wearing, and especially if it is for a special occasion. Cluster gemstone earrings are often very appealing when worn with a nice dress. Cluster gemstone earrings with diamonds are usually most appealing when worn during a wedding.

It is fine to wear even diamond cluster earrings casually if you want to. There is no sense wearing them once and then putting them away to never wear again. This is especially true if you have a quality set of cluster gemstone earrings. You will want to showcase the jewelry that you do have, so wear it whenever you get the chance.

Final Thoughts
Cluster gemstone earrings can be very visually appealing and can complement a woman’s fashion sense tremendously. They are also very fitting for a number of environments such as weddings, dances, award ceremonies, and more. There is really no denying how effective jewelry can be at complementing a female’s appearance. This is especially true with cluster gemstone earrings, as they look better on most women then any other type of earrings.

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