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Some Fantastic will relaunch in the summer of 2013 and is in the progress of migrating to Please update your links appropriately.

Letters to the Editor

Please email all letters, comments and submissions to . We are always very happy to receive letters (or emails) of comment (LoC), and here at Some Fantastic we will print and reply to letters we receive. If you prefer to send your correspondance via traditional mail, please send it to:

Some Fantastic
c/o Matthew Appleton
28-13 Ft. Evans Rd, NE, Apt. 201
Leesburg, VA 20176


Articles for publication: Before submitting a review or essay for consideration to Some Fantastic, please contact the Editor for guidelines, preferably using the contact information given above. While we accept unsolicited reviews and essays, taking the time to contact us before sending your submission will speed the editorial process.

Some Fantastic is always looking for writers, and has material available for review purposes. If you are interested in joining our staff of regular contributors, please feel free to contact us.

Books & DVDs for review: If you are an author or represent either a book publisher or movie studio and you have a book or DVD you would like to see reviewed by Some Fantastic, please send it to the address given above. Sending your item is not a guarantee we will review it. Please note that we will not return DVDs or books we decide not to review.


Advertising space is available directly in the pages of the Some Fantastic issues. Because referrers to our site often link directly to issues rather than any single page (including the home page) it makes more sense to advertise in the issue rather than using any sort of ad on the web pages.

Historically, each of our issues is downloaded 600-800 times while it is the current issue. Since each issue remains online in its entirety until Some Fantastic stops publishing, readers can continue to find your ad for years. Please contact us for our rates, terms and conditions as well as cumulative download counts for each issue.

Dead Tree (Print) Version

If you wish to have saddle-bound, black and white copy of the print version mailed to you, please mail a check made out to "Matthew Appleton" for $5.00 US or send "the usual" to the address above. Payment can also be made via PayPal to [email protected] (remove the dashes to make it work). When you send payment, please make sure you note which issue you wish to receive. Please also send an email to inquire as to availability for each issue before sending payment.

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