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Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

Cushion cut diamond earrings are also referred to as pillow cuts and these were extremely popular during the 19th century. Appearing as a square cut with soft, rounded corners, the cushion cut looks great for earrings, rings, and other jewelry pieces. These diamonds have a royal look to them and they are often generously sized. Those looking for a classic diamond style will find that cushion cut diamond earrings are an excellent choice. Cushion cut diamond earrings may be any carat, of various clarity grades and in a variety of colors. One of the attractions of cushion cut diamond earrings is their timelessness as it is truly an antique cut.

Another feature inherent to cushion cut diamonds that makes them a popular choice is that they have large facets. This cut enables these diamonds to have more sparkle and shine than many other diamond cuts. Cushion cut diamond earrings are certain to reward each wearer with a brilliance that sparkles in many lighting scenarios. The cushion cut is also a popular choice for engagement rings as well as pendants for necklaces. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing cushion cut diamonds and one is that due to their large facets, they have the ability to accentuate more of a diamond’s flaws. Those wanting to have the most brilliance in cushion cut diamond earrings and rings should begin with large, flawless diamonds. Diamonds that have more impurities or inclusions will find this cut readily exposes them. Because this diamond cut allows the stone to sparkle, particularly under candlelight, it is also referred to as the candlelight diamond.

When choosing cushion cut diamond earrings, you will find that the size of your stone will have a great impact on the overall look and appearance. It is important to take into consideration the weight of your cushion cut diamond earrings as well. Though large diamonds will reflect more light, they are also heavy. Heaving earrings can pose a problem in the end. You might find that it is best to save your larger cushion cut diamonds for your rings or pendant necklaces. There are many diamond cuts available to select from and though many are more hip and modern, many prefer the timeless elegance of the cushion cut as they have stood the test of time.

The cushion cut is one of the most popular cut choices available. It follows behind the round brilliant and is a variation of the antique old mine cut. As the cut is associated with antique jewelry, many seniors prefer this cut as it is one they are well familiar with. Cushion cut diamond earrings are also becoming very popular with modern day generations as well. As the antique styles appeal to more of today’s modern generation, more jewelry designers are incorporating more cushion cut styles in their jewelry lines. The cushion cut is also a good choice when someone wants to display the beauty of a large diamond. Rather than wearing a pair of large stud earrings, the cushion cut is a great way to highlight larger stones in a style that displays the diamond’s many facets.

As one of the oldest diamond cuts or shapes known, the cushion cut draws much attention. Cushion cut diamond earrings continue to appeal to new generations as they allow the diamond to display more brilliance. These diamonds often have great clarity and are remarkably beautiful to behold. The cushion cut technique was available before the round brilliant because jewelry makers did not have capabilities of cutting a round diamond. Once jewelers discovered how to cut diamonds into perfect circles, the round brilliant replaced the cushion cut. Though the round brilliant has become the most popular cut, the cushion cut runs a close second.

Cushion cut diamond earrings, rings, and pendants are a great choice, but many agree it is best used on diamonds with little to no flaws, imperfections, or blemishes. By using these cuts on diamonds with high clarity, you can be rewarded with an extremely brilliant diamond style that looks great in any light setting. Because the best quality diamonds should be used, they are often more expensive than some other diamond cuts.

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