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Diamond Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are those that are suspended from the ear and drop from the lobe to anther lower section of the earring that usually contains a precious stone or other decorative elements. One other common characteristic of a drop earring is that they are usually larger than other types of earrings, though this is not always the case.

Different Types of Diamond Drops
There are a number of different diamond drop styles, and all earrings can be diamond drops if they are both long and dangly and have a diamond on them.

Single Stone Diamond Drops
Single stone diamond drop earrings are some of the most popular types of diamond drop styles. Earrings with a single stone are usually made of 14k white gold and may be simple, containing on white gold before reaching the diamond at the end of the earring, or may be more complex, having a number of glass or other design pieces to make the diamond at the bottom of the earring stand out.

Single stone diamond drop earrings usually require a bigger budget than muti-stone diamond drop earrings. Because each stone in a two earring set has to be larger to draw light and reflect, expect to pay multiples times more for a single stone diamond drop earring than you would for a multiple-stone variety.

Multiple Stone Diamond Drops
There are a variety of ways that multiple diamonds can be used to create a multiple-stone diamond drop earring. Often, multiple stone rings are designed with a thin strand of white gold with diamonds laced all down the earring. Another popular variety is more traditional, with a white gold string leading to an assortment of diamonds at the end of the string.

More expensive diamond drop sets will have another large stone placed directly to your earlobe, providing just a little more glamor to an already high fashion jewelry piece. Be advised, however, that diamonds are far more expensive than white gold, so expect to spend considerably more with the addition of just one more precious stone.

This variety is generally less expensive, since any number of very small diamonds can go into a multiple-stone creation. One benefit of the multiple-stone design is that the diamonds can be set in such a way to reflect light regardless of the light's source or the angle of the earring against your neck.

Wearing a Diamond Drop Earring
Diamond drop earrings are more traditional pieces that would be perfect pieces of jewelry for any formal occasion. They're practically made for red carpet or formal dress and help highlight the elements of the face and draw interest to your facial structure.

One benefit of the diamond drop over other forms of earrings is that longer diamond drops allow you to accent your neck. A longer earring will make the neck look longer and help highlight the area leading around your shoulders up to your ears. Also, the reflection of light will help light up your face and provide for an excellent accent piece to go with any formal attire.

If after shopping for a diamond drop earring you succumb to sticker shock over their price, realize that many jewelry stores also carry cubic zirconia drop earrings that will have almost the same effect. You will still pay for the white gold and other design elements, but the substitution of cubic zirconia for a diamond should reduce your total by hundreds of dollars on a fine set of earrings. Best of all, without a close inspection, most everyone won't be able to tell the difference!

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