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Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

Many men choose to get their ears pierced and have various reasons for doing so. First of all, a man choosing to pierce his ears is a cultural trend. Many celebrities, models, and musicians have pierced ears, making the trend even more fashionable and accepted. Some of the most popular styles include diamond stud earrings for men as well as hoops. Men may or may not be allowed to wear earrings in the work place, but for those whom it is allowed, acceptable earring choices often include diamond stud earrings for men as these are considered within many standards. Those who hold jobs that won’t allow the wearing of earrings by men may remove their earrings in the work place then wear them during their own time.

Some men choose to wear earrings as a symbol of their wealth and prestige. Diamond stud earrings for men are a great way for men to impress those they are interested in and show off their class and taste. Diamonds are often seen as an investment and a man who purchases diamond stud earrings in sizes over one carat is clearly displaying his wealth.

Men do not typically wear fancy colored diamonds as many women do. There is one color, however, that is often a preferable choice when selecting diamond stud earrings for men. Black diamonds easily complement men’s outfits and look great with a wide variety of clothing and fashion styles. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing diamond stud earrings for men.

First, you will want to consider what type of precious metal to use in the earrings. Men’s earrings may be crafted from sterling silver, gold, platinum, palladium, or a combination of metals such as vermeil or gold plate. The metal selected is often based upon personal preference and budget. Those who prefer certain materials while on a budget may find they can choose a pair of diamond stud earrings for men on sale. Those who want a great looking earring at discount prices may wish to consider those crafted from sterling silver or lower karat gold, such as 10 karat. You may also choose platinum covered silver for a great pair of earrings at an affordable price. When choosing gold, keep in mind that 14 karat is of less value than 18 karat and pure 24-karat gold is too soft for use in jewelry. Though you can select 24 karat plated jewelry, this is of less value than 18 karat as 18 karat consists of gold while the plated jewelry adds gold over a less expensive metal.

As earrings have become equally accepted for men and women, they make a great gift choice. It isn’t uncommon to see men browsing through diamonds when frequenting jewelry stores. Though it is true that at one time, it was considered taboo for men to wear diamond earrings, today it is a common sight. People are no longer surprised to see men searching for diamond stud earrings in jewelry stores or online and a man’s sexuality is no longer characterized by whether or not he wears earrings. From the rich and famous and Hollywood elite to blue-collar workers, men of all lifestyles and backgrounds are adding earrings to their jewelry collections.

One famous incident is credited with putting diamond stud earrings for men on the map and helping to end the stereotypical perceptions of men that wear earrings once and for all. Tyson Beckford had purchased a beautiful, extravagant pair of diamond stud earrings for his girlfriend then wore them himself, after discovering she was unfaithful. During the early 80s, there was a social conception that men who wore an earring in the right ear was gay and those who wore the earring in the left ear was straight. It was thought that some who were earrings in both ears simply challenged man’s traditions was gay, or even trying to express his bi-sexuality. Today those cultural inferences are meaningless as men may choose diamond stud earrings for a number of reasons; however, expressing their sexual preference typically is not one of them. During this time frame, many men were ridiculed for wearing earrings. Today, it is commonplace and most people do not respond to earrings in a negative manner. OF all the style of earrings that have been associated with men, none has proven to be as popular as diamond stud earrings for men.

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