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Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular forms of ear jewelry. Simple, yet classy, diamond stud earrings can add a special touch to any outfit and are perfect for everyday wear. As earrings sit close to the face, they often bring attention to your best features and accentuate your eyes. As some earrings are known for being a bit uncomfortable or are too delicate to wear every day, diamond stud earrings are known for their comfort and ease. Many people wear stud earrings for several days in a row without giving the matter any thought.

Available in a wide array of colors, diamond stud earrings can add spice to any outfit. Consider wearing contrasting earrings with a uniform colored outfit for a special effect. For example, try adding black diamond stud earrings with an all pink outfit and throw in a matching black bracelet or necklace for an amazing look. You can easily change the mood or feel of any outfit just by pairing different colored jewelry with it. You will find that diamond stud earrings are so versatile you might wind up having enough pairs for all of your outfits.

Another benefit to diamond stud earrings is that you can wear them throughout a variety of situations and occasions. For instance, diamond stud earrings are perfect for all major holidays and occasions. You can choose red diamond stud earrings for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or even the more rare green diamonds for St. Patrick’s Day. Yellow and pink diamond stud earrings and complementary jewelry pieces are perfect for Easter holidays. Colorless diamonds are perfect for all occasions and are a great choice for any special occasion or event.

Diamond stud earrings are often considered as one of the main or starting points for any jewelry collection. They are widely accepted by both men and women, and it is not uncommon for those who have multiple ear piercings to wear a single diamond stud in one of the holes. It is important to remember that though the round brilliant is the most popular diamond stud shape, it is not the only earring shape available to choose from. In addition to the round brilliant, diamond stud earrings are available in a variety of diamond shapes such as princess, cushion, heart, pear, marquise, radiant, emerald, asscher, and oval. By choosing diamond stud earrings in various shapes, you can get an entirely different look. Consider your personal style, taste, and personal preferences when choosing shapes for your diamond stud earrings.

One of the advantages of choosing diamond stud earrings is that this style tends to stay in the ear better than other styles. The back of the stud clasp secures the earring in place and studs tend to stay in place much longer than other earrings. This is extremely important when choosing expensive jewelry and is one of the reasons why those purchasing diamonds for young children or teens tend to go with studs rather than wire hoops or drop down earrings. Children are less likely to lose diamond stud earrings due to vigorous activities and play. Though some children will only wear their earrings on special occasions, diamond stud earrings can be worn more frequently. Stud earrings often have what is called butterfly findings. This is a finding that slips over the post and holds the earring firmly in place. It is generally more secure than the clasps on hooks often referred to as clip in or lock in styles.

When choosing stud earrings, keep in mind that inexpensive and cheap earrings often cause irritation and those with sensitive ears may find it difficult to wear them. Diamond stud earrings crafted from quality metals such as 14 karat or 18 karat gold are a good choice for those with sensitive ears. These earrings have minimal amounts of metals associated with irritation and are a good choice. Those who want to ensure they get the highest grade metal should look for diamond stud earrings crafted from platinum or palladium.

Another benefit to wearing diamond stud earrings is that this style of jewelry never detracts or takes away from the beauty and style of your other jewelry. You can pair small diamond stud earrings with bolder jewelry pieces including necklaces and bracelets for a complete ensemble. Due to their beauty, size, and versatility, diamond stud earrings are a wonderful addition to every woman’s wardrobe.

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