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Diamond Teardrop Earrings

Diamond teardrop earrings are a beautiful style and are very popular with women from all over the world. The teardrop design has been popular for many years and the inclusion of diamonds in the design makes it even more desirable. Whether you choose yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver to offset your diamonds, this design looks sophisticated and elegant on any woman.

Diamond teardrop earrings are the perfect choice for any attire as they are very versatile and can literally be worn with anything. Whether you want something for a formal affair or simply want a small pair to wear for every day, teardrops are an excellent choice. While the design stays the same, diamond teardrop earrings come in a wide range of sizes from the tiny to the very large. Of course, the larger your earrings the more they will cost so you should keep this in mind when planning your budget.

You should also keep in mind that anytime you purchase diamond jewelry it is a good idea to go through a reputable jeweler or retailer. You want to be certain that you receive true diamonds and not cubic zirconia or another man-made material. You can choose a variety of design types and metals as well as many differently colored diamonds.

Diamond teardrops are among the most stunning and eye-catching of all earring designs. Whether you choose large or small stones, you can rest assured that your earrings will be simply breathtaking. When set in teardrop earrings, diamonds tend to sparkle. This is true no matter if you choose gold or silver for your setting. The cut of the diamond into the teardrop shape simply gives it a brilliant sparkle that will catch the light and illuminate the entire room. Because the design is so unique, many women prefer teardrops over several other diamond cuts and styles.

When choosing your diamond teardrop earrings or more particularly when choosing your metal setting, keep in mind what you will be wearing the earrings with. If you will be wearing them with casual clothing then white gold or sterling silver is an excellent choice. You may also like platinum although this metal is much more expensive than others. Those looking for a more formal look may prefer yellow gold. Keep in mind that there are various carat weights that you will need to consider. 18K gold is a bit more expensive than 10K gold simply because it contains more pure gold. Of course, because 10K is less pure it is also more durable. You will need to determine your use for the earrings with regards to daily wear so that you can choose the appropriate gold content or carat weight.

Diamonds are also measured by carat weight and this will have a direct impact on your overall cost. Another factor that will help to determine cost is whether or not you prefer larger diamond solitaires or smaller diamonds throughout the design as well as the addition of any other gemstones. Depending on the specific design that you choose including the metal setting, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to well over $5,000 for your diamond teardrop earrings. Again, larger diamonds, especially when they are set in platinum or 18K gold are going to be a bit more expensive than smaller stones. Antique diamond teardrop earring designs that are set in platinum and contain pave diamonds can cost as must as $12,000 at some jewelers. You will simply need to have a budget in mind when you begin shopping and choose earrings that fall within your budget as well as those that suit your own personal style.

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