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Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are one of the most versatile and popular jewelry styles. Drop earrings are just as they sound as these earrings drop down below the earlobes. This offers many aesthetic advantages and can provide several benefits. In addition to simply looking beautiful, drop earrings can help slenderize a full face, and complements a number of face shapes. Drop earrings may be formed from different gemstones that can add sparkle, shine to any outfit, and brighten up a face. Drop earrings may feature diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, amethysts, and other gemstones and minerals. It is important to realize that any earring that hangs below the earlobe may be classified as drop earrings.

Drop earrings are not a good choice for children but teens and adults readily accept them. Since these earrings hang below the earlobe, they have a greater length and give artisans plenty of room to design intricate and delicate designs. Some drop earrings consist of a hook or leverback for the earring to be worn then feature a large gemstone that hangs below the earlobe. Other drop earrings are crafted in the chandelier style and may be several inches in length. There is a virtual endless amount of styles in which drop earrings may be crafted in. This large selection ensures that those who favor this style can easily find earrings to choose from.

A woman’s jewelry collection should include pieces from a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, metals, and gemstones. The woman who does not have drop earrings in her jewelry assortment is missing out on one of the most exquisite earrings she could pair with her favorite outfit. As drop earrings may be in varying lengths, they can easily make a bold statement. Sometimes all that is needed to transfer an outfit from simple and sedate is to add a gorgeous pair of long dangle or drop earrings.

Drop earrings are highly stylish and are always fashionable. One of the most creative forms of drop earrings is the spiral. Spiral earrings delicately cascade from the earlobe in gentle curving spirals. There are many varieties of spiral earrings ranging from closely wrapped spirals in a round, circular shape, to long, loose tendrils. Spiral drop earrings may be crafted from silver, gold, and platinum and are a great way for the artistic woman to show off her personality through her jewelry choices.

As hoop earrings drop below the earlobe, this popular style is also considered as drop earrings. Hoops range in a wide array of styles and designs. Not all hoop earrings are round as some have more of an oblong and even rounded square look. Another popular drop earring is the teardrop. These are in a basic teardrop shape and are a great earring choice for women who have a narrow jaw line and wish to add more width to the lower portion of the face. There is no question about it. With the many styles of drop earrings, every woman can find a pair that fits her personal style.

Jewelry is an important accessory to every woman’s wardrobe. For many women with pierced ears, earrings are worn on a daily basis. Though it is possible to wear stud earrings for several days, it is not recommended to wear drop earrings on a daily basis without removing them at night. Sleeping in drop earrings could damage the earrings and cause them to break. This is especially probable with chandelier style earrings. Chandelier earrings should be considered more fragile than many other styles. Due to their long, delicate shape, they can easily tangle, twist, or break. Dangle earrings should be given special care in order to make certain they last for a long time.

One of the best ways to preserve dangle earrings is to hang them up after wearing. If the earrings are made from silver, make certain to wipe them off to prevent them from tarnishing and store them in a special jewelry box that reduces tarnish. Drop earrings add excitement to everyday outfits and are the perfect finishing touch for elegant ensembles.

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