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Emerald Drop Earrings

Earrings have been around for thousands of years and there are many different styles of earrings that both men and women wear. There are many more styles for women than there are for men and one of the popular styles of earrings that women wear are called drop earrings. A number of different types of gemstones are used for drop earrings. In fact, gemstones are the most popular type of jewelry that is placed in drop earrings. Among all the gemstones used for drop earrings, emeralds are the most stunning looking gemstones that are perfect for drop earrings.

Drop earrings are earrings that hang significantly lower off the ear than stud earrings or tradition loop earrings. Emerald drop earrings usually are found with two sets of emeralds for each earring. A small emerald is placed above a larger emerald that dangles off the ear. The two emerald gemstones are connected with a loop or a chain that is made from a wide variety of precious metals. White gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum are all typical precious metals that are used to connect two emeralds together in order to form an emerald drop earring. Emerald drop earrings can be set alone, or accompanied by other gemstones or diamonds.

A popular jewelry application that is found in the fashion world is surrounded emeralds with diamonds. In fact, many emerald drop earrings will have small diamonds surrounding the emerald. Not only are diamonds used to surround the emerald in emerald drop earrings. Precious metals are used as frames to set emeralds in as well. A perfect combination of gemstone and precious metal is setting an emerald in a white gold frame. White gold frames can be designed and cut to specific shapes and sizes to allow for the many different types of cuts that emeralds are found in.

There are many different types of cuts that emeralds are cut in when using them for drop earrings. Emeralds are cut in opal, round, square, princess and oblong shapes. The most popular combination of emerald cuts used for drop earrings is a small round cut emerald accompanied with a larger oval cut emerald. The larger cut oval shaped emerald hangs directly below the smaller round cut emerald. Both emeralds can be incased in gold, silver or platinum. Both emeralds are also found to be surrounded by CZ or diamonds. Emerald drop earrings are not only found in a pair of emeralds.

Another popular type of drop earrings that emeralds are used for are traditional drop earrings that use a short chain. A short chain made of gold, silver or platinum is used to hold an emerald gemstone that makes up an emerald drop earring. Chain lengths can vary depending on the style of the drop earrings. Emerald drop earrings are also combined with other types of gemstones as well. Pearls make a popular addition to emerald drop earrings. Some drop earrings have tiny pearls that hold an emerald beneath them. The color of pearls alongside the brilliant green of an emerald makes for an excellent combination of jewelry.

More than two emeralds can be used for emerald drop earrings as well. Smaller cut emeralds are often used for emerald drop earrings, and the amount of emeralds could be up to 4 to 5 emeralds for each individual earring. There are many different styles of emerald drop earrings made for a wide variety of occasions and outfits. The best place to find emerald drop earrings is online. Sites that sell emerald drop earrings will provide a number of styles and options at competitive prices. The emerald is one of the most popular gemstones that are used for dropped earrings.

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