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Emerald has long been recognized as the most stunning green gemstone in the world. It is also often classified as one of the top precious stones available. This particular gemstone has grown to be much more than just the birthstone for the month of May. It is considered as a top contender with diamonds and a select few other prestigious stones. As a result of the stone’s rarity and high value it is no secret that emerald earrings are a top choice of jewelry that can be worn by just about anyone.

The emerald is a unique stone which can be difficult to analyze. A very vivid green emerald stone is thought to be as very precious and top value. Brighter emerald stones are a fashion trend in recent years but dark green emeralds have always been a top choice. Many emeralds have extensive inclusions. Deep fissures are a major issue which have to be avoided when selecting the right emerald stones. The best emerald stones are higher in transparency. Purer stones are very rare and extremely high priced so ideally you will look for stones within your budget which are as color rich, transparent, and inclusion free as possible. These rules apply when buying emerald earrings as well but the stones will likely be small so there is room for minor inclusions if they are barely noticeable.

How to Choose the Right Emerald Earrings for You
The previous paragraph has given you a good idea on the valuable factors for emerald stones. This is a major part of comparing the emerald earrings that are available. You will have to find a set which have stones that are high enough quality for you. Higher quality stones tend to be very expensive so you will have to be reasonable with your requirements. It would be a good idea to set a budget before shopping around so you can shop for the best possible emerald earrings while remaining financially responsible.

When shopping for the right set of emerald earrings the color of the emeralds will be a major factor in your decision. Some people prefer darker green emerald stones while others are fans of the bright green alternative. They are two completely different looks so you will have to take this into consideration and narrow your options accordingly. Make sure that the color is quality as well and watch for any significant inclusions or transparency issues.

You will want to consider the metal of the earrings also. This will have a major effect on the jewelry’s visual appeal. Yellow gold and white gold are two of the most popular choices for metal types to be used with emerald stones. Yellow gold is especially great for showcasing the beautiful green color of quality emerald stones. It works well with both the brighter and darker emeralds. You will have to decide the karat amount you want if you choose gold as your metal type. 10K, 14K, and 18K are the most common options but a minimum of 14K gold is highly suggested if you have any care for quality.

The style of the earrings will also be a major factor in your decision. You should have strict criteria for this aspect so you can narrow your options more accurately. There are many different style types that are available for emerald earrings. Some options include drop, hoop, stud, and dangle earrings. Be sure to compare your options and decide which style is right for you. There will be factors for which style suits you best such as your facial shape, wardrobe, and occasion for wear. You may want to consider the amount of emeralds that are in each earring as well as some may be better designed with multiple stones while others work best with only one emerald in each earring.

Where to Buy Emerald Earrings
Emerald is such a popular stone that you will not have any trouble looking for a pair of emerald earrings. You can check with local jewelry stores to see what is available. Some other stores in your area may have a selection of emerald earrings available as well. Be sure to shop around and see all the sets that you can choose from so you have the best chance of finding the right pair for you. To improve your chances of finding the perfect set of emerald earrings for you it is suggested that you also shop online for them.

There is an endless selection of online stores that sell emerald earrings. By shopping online you will be able to compare a ginormous amount of emerald earrings and find the right set for you. It is definitely recommended that you compare the options that are available online as you will be able to find a selection of earrings with the exact criteria that you have. You will also be able to get the best price possible if you compare options both online and locally.

There is no denying the stunning appeal of the emerald gemstone. As it is such a beautiful and popular choice of stone it is well worth include in a set of earrings to add to your jewelry box. If you are a fan of green colored gemstone jewelry then this would especially be a great choice for you. Ultimately, a set of emerald earrings would make for a great investment but you will have to make sure that you are precise when shopping around so you get what you really want with your money.

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