Best Diamond Earrings

Women choose gemstone earrings for various reasons. For some, the earrings were given as a present and the recipient had no choice in the specified gemstones. For other women, gemstone earrings are an important part of their fashion and were purchased to complement the beauty of a particular outfit. There are other reasons why some women choose specific gemstones such as those who believe that the gemstone holds a significant quality such as a magical or metaphysical property. This is different from choosing birthstones as the practice of gemology refers to the belief that certain gems can attract or repel good energy your way.

When choosing gemstone earrings it is important to determine the purpose for the earrings and then make certain that you understand how gemstones are graded, and how they are created; specifically whether the gemstone is natural or synthetic. Sometimes gemstones are referred to as precious or semi precious stones and it’s important to realize that several gemstones are not necessarily minerals; such as amber which is an organic material or lapis lazuli which is classified as a rock.

While there are plenty of natural gemstones to be purchased, there are also synthetic and artificial gemstones that are frequently used in fashion jewelry. Some of the most popular synthetic gemstones include cubic zirconia and moissanite. It’s important to realize that many synthetic gemstones have been crafted to the same specifications as their natural counterparts. The decision to choose natural or synthetic gemstone jewelry is one that is often based upon personal preference, price and the purpose for the jewelry.

When choosing gemstone earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets as fashion accessories there is little more to consider than price and personal taste. Some popular choices include amethyst, diamonds, blue or pink topaz, turquoise, agate, tanzanite, emeralds, rubies, onyx, pearl, garnet, rock crystal, coral, quartz, citrine, sapphires and opals. Some jewelry styles include multi gems which give a beautiful, colorful appearance that complements numerous wardrobes. As gemstones come in a variety of colors and stones, so too does the metal that the jewelry is fashioned in. Gemstone earrings may be crafted in gold, silver, or platinum or alloys that use a plate. Determine whether you prefer solid metal and genuine, natural gemstones or artificial stones and plated or lower quality metals.

If you prefer genuine gemstones then consider choosing metals of at least 14K gold as this will provide higher quality than gold electroplate or lower quality metals such as 10K or silver. You can choose 14K white gold gemstone earrings for a high quality look that has the appearance of silver. Yellow gold is undoubtedly the most popular choice followed by platinum.Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone earrings come in as many styles as they do colors. Stud earrings are a simple, classic statement as they feature round bursts of color that fit snugly on the earlobe. You can choose from pearl, garnet, diamond or any type of stud gemstone earrings you prefer. Other styles include button studs, which feature a button style frame around the gemstone, hoops, filigree, and drop and dangle earrings, chandelier, floral, swirl twist, and various shapes such as flowers, animals, hearts, squares and rounds.

When choosing natural gemstone earrings check the weight of the gemstones in carats as well as the weight of the gold or platinum used.

Those who believe in gemology often choose gemstones due to the qualities or attributes that the stones are said to possess. These include all gemstones used in fashion jewelry. Some of the qualities attributed through gemology include the belief that Amber can help create a woman appear more desirable to her lover and the belief that Amber helps those who has sinus, allergies or respiratory conditions. Amber is often worn as a protection against things such as witchcraft or nightmares. Amethyst is believed to help prevent someone from falling in love too easily, so a woman who believes in gemology may choose to wear Amethyst gemstone earrings or a necklace on a first date. Other examples include the belief that Aquamarine can promote wisdom, success and popularity and that Beryl makes a woman more desirable to the opposite sex.

There are many reasons why a woman chooses gemstone earrings and other jewelry to wear. Regardless of the reason, it is most important that a woman feels confident and beautiful in the jewelry she chooses to wear.