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Gold Stud Earrings

Despite what some people think, earrings are more than just decorative jewelry for the ear lobes. The ones you choose to wear depict design and style, good taste, and the way a person perceives him or her self. They also add beauty to the face. Gold stud earrings offer the perfect combination of class and elegance and if you are in an elegant mood you’ll want to wear a pair of your favorite gold stud earrings. Gold is a precious metal very often used in making earrings and is best known for its radiance and ability to hold its value over time. In fact, gold is always appreciating in value. Gold stud earrings are one of the hottest selling jewelry items. You can find them in yellow gold or white gold which are each very popular. It depends on the woman which color she favors the most. If you want a set of earrings with lasting value then you should consider 14 carat or higher gold stud earrings.

You can wear a pair of gold stud earrings with almost any article of clothing you have in your closet. They will only add charm and elegance to your outfit and make you feel like you are looking your best. In the 1970s pierced ears became more popular than ever before which led to earrings being worn even during daytime. Before that they were typically only worn with evening wear. A woman can wear a pair of gold stud earrings now no matter where she is going and still not look over dressed. Some women prefer these types of earrings as their earrings of choice and wear them all the time. They will only take them off when they want to wear a more ostentatious pair for an evening out or for a special event.

Today’s modern jewelry designs include various types of gold stud earrings. Some will have diamonds in them or other precious gems. Others will have cubic zirconia stones nowadays as an alternative to diamonds too. Curbic zirconia gold stud earrings are a great alternative for the woman who is worried about losing real diamond if she is wearing her earrings everyday. Simple gold studs in the shape of a simple gold ball are also available.

A great fashion accessory for gold stud earrings is the gold bangle bracelets and necklaces. You might want to try two or three rows of bangle bracelets to go with your gold stud earrings too. These types of earrings are available in a variety of styles and gold tones. Simply because they are not fancy does not necessarily mean that you shouldn’t have an assortment of these. For example, if you want to pull off a fun and trendy appearance, how about opting for a pair of yellow gold studs with jade balls? These earrings have jade balls or other types of jewels in them that might be small in proportion but can be noticeable none the less. It is difficult to ignore the beauty that these types of studs have to offer.

For a black tie event, diamond studs will always be a perfect match for any dress that you might be planning to wear. Most of these stud earrings provide you with classiness along with a delicate beauty which is guaranteed to get you noticed. These gold studs can help you stand out in the crowd without having to over do it. There is absolutely no question about the beauty in a great pair of diamond gold studs. You can find them in all sizes, no matter how big or small. Whenever you wear them you’ll be sure to get compliments and appreciative looks. Look for gold stud earrings online or in your favorite local jewelry store. Owning a pair of these wonderful earrings is a must for any woman’s jewelry collection. They go with just about anything and are a great back up plan for the days that you are having trouble deciding which jewelry pieces to wear.

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