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Since immemorial times, people, especially women, have been attracted to adorning themselves and objects around them with certain ornaments. People measure themselves and evaluate others based on the jewelry they wear – the quality, the price and the elegance of the design. Even though people wear a multitude of decorative jewelry, one of the most important is a pair of earrings. The reason is that earrings are permanently worn throughout the day and are the final piece that offsets the rest of the attire.

Earrings are popular jewelry items, and as such, an endless assortment of designs and combination of materials exist. Earrings can be divided into two large, basic categories, pierced and clip-on. Pierced earrings branch into a wide variety of shapes and styles, among which popular ones include simple studs, posts with dangling objects hanging in front, posts with either a round hoop or the so-called “hugged-style.” Clip-on earrings, which are simply attached to the earlobe with a spring or a screw-in mechanism, have recently regained some of the popularity they have lost in the 70s.

One particular type of earrings has never lost its appeal to the female population, and can be easily considered a classic design: the hoop earrings. It is virtually impossible to find a woman that does not like and have in her collection at least a pair. Traditionally, hoop earrings can be found under the form of a single loop, but in recently, new and more modern styles have surfaced, which combine or add a twist to the classical design. A wide variety of such trendy hoop earrings exists, so you will certainly find something to suit your style. Let’s see some unconventional hoop earrings designs.

First, there is the simple modification of adding more hoops to form the earring, which gives us the double or triple hoop earrings. Even though they usually come as a circular shape, other varieties exist. Regardless, the loops are fitted one inside the other, creating an exquisite, delicate look. Multiple hoops earrings are increasingly popular among the younger demographic.

Deviating even more from the classic style, hoop earrings can assume other forms, from well-defined ones like square, all the way to irregular shapes. This earrings design is extremely popular at the moment, most likely because it complements almost any apparel, including casual outfits. You can find them as thick squares or as thin rectangular loops, but irregularly shaped, larger hoop earrings are also available.

The final option is dangle earrings, which consist of one or several hoops of any shape attached to a short chain. A popular choice when it comes to dangle earrings is the small variety, featuring the classic round loops, but other shapes are available, like triangular, star-shaped or heart-shaped.

As you can see, a wide variety of hoop earrings exists, both for those who prefer a classic appearance and for the bold ones who like to experiment with exotic shapes.

Regardless of design, hoop earrings, as with any other jewelry, need to be cleaned from time to time in order to maintain their initial shine. In order to help you with the process, we have compiled some simple tips about keeping your hoop earrings in top aspect.

The basic operations include cleaning the earrings using soap and water, a jewelry polishing cloth or a commercial cleaner. This process will remove all residues that accumulate on the surface – skin oils, hairspray, makeup traces or other impurities. However, no matter what metal they are made of, hoop earrings will eventually be tainted by tarnish, and that cannot be removed using only soap and water. In addition, hoop earrings might feature intricate, delicate designs that have minuscule, hard-to-reach spots that have to be cleaned as well. For such purpose, a baking soda bath will be of great help.  To do this, place your hoop earrings on a crumpled foil, and then put it in a bowl that can withstand high temperatures. Spread some baking soda on the hoop earrings, and then pour boiling water, making sure to fully cover them. Allow about a minute for all the tarnish and any residual dirt to melt off your earrings, then take them out of the bowl, rinse them with clean water, and use a soft cotton fabric for drying.

In order to maintain your hoop earrings as tarnish-free as possible, make sure they are adequately stored. To keep the earrings shining and dazzling like the first time you wore the pair, store them in a small plastic bag that can be zipped. This will keep air from reaching your earrings, and as a result, will prevent tarnish buildup.

As final thoughts, it can be said that hoop earrings are timeless jewelry pieces that should exist in every woman’s jewelry box. No matter the current trend, a hoop earrings design will definitely fit in. With a wide array of existing styles, you can find a pair of hoop earrings to beautifully complement any attire and for any occasion.

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