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Pearl Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings can be both casual and fun as well as conservative and classy. When matched with pearls as in a high quality pearl dangle earring set, they are some of the most beautiful and classic earring imaginable.

Three Types of Pearls
There are three very coveted types of pearls. These include Tahitian black pearls, Akoya pearls, and Conch pearls.

Tahitian black pearls are perhaps the most well known of any pearl type. Tahitian black pearls are some of the most valuable pearls, as their unique color allows for exceptional jewelry, especially pearl dangle earrings. Their color is best described as gun metal black, and showcase a brilliant gray color in direct light.

Sometimes, a Tahitian black pearl will have a surface that looks like an oil slick, and you may often see colors such as red, green, and yellow reflecting from the surface. For this reason, Tahitian black pearls can work with any look because they tend to reflect whatever color you may be wearing at the time. Also, since they are a neutral color, they go with any color or trend.

Akoya pearls are the typical white or off-white classic pearl. These pearls, found mostly in Asia, are sized anywhere from a few millimeters up to a centimeter or larger, making them highly versatile. While these can come in a number of colors, white, off-white and cream are the most common. Also neutral like Tahitian black pearls, these complement any color.

Anyone who knows anything about pearls knows that Conch pearls are some of the most desirable pearls. Conch pearls are usually less than perfect in shape, but have a color that easily make up for their irregular shape. Conch pearls are most desired in a pink color, light or dark, and are absolutely striking when combined with Tahitian black pearls or Akoya white pearls. The three contrast nicely, and heads will turn when others notice the beautiful pink pearls dangling from your ears.

Pearls and Earrings
Pearls can range from inexpensive artificial pearls to large and expensive Conch and Tahitian black varieties. Often, the larger the size and the clearer the color comes a more expensive pearl. Artificial pearls are incredibly inexpensive, but do not showcase the same colors as can be found naturally in high end pearls and dangle earrings.

Pearls can be mounted to a dangle earring in a variety of ways. One of the most common is a very simple look, a pearl mounted on a long gold chain that then dangles from the ear. Due to the fact these are made of only one pearl, such dangle earrings are usually constructed with larger 7-9mm pearls. The gold chain, however, is usually very thin and made only thick enough to hold the pearl without taking away from its own beauty.

Pearl earrings with gold chain allow the pearl to dip below the earlobe and visually elongate the neck. For those with a short neck, such pearl dangle earrings provide an opportunity to distance your neck from your shoulders and put the pearl in a position where it can reflect the colors in your attire. A Tahitian black pearl, for instance, would easily reflect the colors of a bright dress and draw attention to the face.

Another popular pearl dangle earring is a simple U-hook pearl dangle earring where a single pearl is mounted on a U-shaped hook that then drops from the ear. This very classic look limits unnecessary tugging on the ear and provides for a simple yet classy dangle look. This style looks great with shorter hair, as the pearl can easily be seen and draw attention to the entire face. With longer hair, the pearl dangle earring will be covered up, and do little to showcase either the beauty of the pearl or the natural beauty of your face, so take in consideration your hairstyle when selecting a length.

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