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Pearl EarringsPearls can best be described as an organic gem that is typically created by a living creature such as a wide variety of oysters and clams. Pearls actually begin their life as a tiny particle or piece of grit that somehow makes its way into the shell of a freshwater mollusc. Over time, these tiny particles will continue to be coated with layer upon layer of a substance known as nacre. This substance is also often referred to as mother-of-pearl. Eventually the tiny particle will become thick enough to form a pearl.

Pearl earrings are known to come in numerous designs. Possibly the most well-known, and popular, type of Pearl earring are ear studs. An ear stud will typically be an earring that will not dangle from your earlobe and are extremely popular when they have the addition of a mounted pearl. Ear stud pearl earrings are known to be the least expensive and this is generally because they are mounted with artificial pearls, as opposed to natural pearls. This type of pearl earring can be worn on various occasions, and even while at home or at leisure. The main advantage of ear stud pearl earrings is the fact that they will put no stress on your earlobes.

Drop down Pearl earrings are known to look spectacular. Due to their specific design, many more pearls can be mounted onto this type of earring. Possibly the most sought after earrings are the Tahitian Drop-down pearl earrings. These are some simply amazing looking Tahitian Black pearls. However, with the spectacular, obviously comes a high price tag. The main reason that drop-down pearl earrings are so popular is because they look extremely elegant, and are best worn when complimented by the perfect outfit.

You can literally find a pair of Pearl earrings that are able to suit any occasion. Your main consideration will typically be the price you are willing to party. Rather than looking at the specific styles of earrings, you are able to purchase your jewelry based on the exact type of Pearl. The least expensive type of Pearl will typically be a cultured freshwater pearl. You can generally purchase a pair of earrings for under $25. These types of Pearl earrings are made from "faux" pearls (fake pearls).

If you wish to purchase pearl earrings in the $25-$50 range, you will find they are more intricately designed than the freshwater pearl. These types of earrings will usually have cubic zirconias in combination with the pearls. Often, this type of earring may have various other types of gemstones worked into the design. Saltwater pearls will typically cost under $75, but are known to be a higher quality than the previous versions. They will generally be larger with thicker nacre. Black saltwater pearls will cost in the region of $100 to $150 and you will find that they are fairly large. Should you wish to purchase a pair of Pearl earrings that cost above $150, these will usually be larger saltwater pearls that have been combined with diamonds, 14 carat gold and are likely to have extremely intricate designs.

Pearl earrings that generally cost more than $200 will typically be saltwater pearls and large Tahitian pearls. You will find that they are extremely large and may even be set in 18 carat gold. These types of Pearl earrings will be mixed with other gemstones in elegant settings, and are bound to look absolutely gorgeous. There are four main types of pearls that are usually used to make earrings. These are Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Freshwater pearls are known to come from freshwater mussels and are generally round and white in colour. However, you should be aware that this may not always be the case. Akoya pearls are most commonly found in Asia. These types of pearls are mainly white, but can also be found in cream, rose and silver. Akoya pearls are known to be the smallest of all pearls and typically range from 2 to 10 mm in size. With that said, Akoya pearl earrings are amongst the most expensive.

South Sea pearls are far larger than the other varieties of pearls. They come from an extremely large oyster that is known as Pinctada maxima, which will explain why the pearls are so big. A South Sea Pearl will typically be 9 to 20 mm in size. Their colours range from white, silver and gold. Pearl earrings are a fantastic gift for any female member of your family, and as you can see there is a very wide selection to choose from. However, it is important that when you are looking to purchase a pair of pearl earrings that you consider exactly who you wish to buy them for, as the different types of pearls are all unique in their own way.