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Many jewelry shoppers, particularly those with a preference for high-end items, are slightly fearful or shopping online. It's a natural fear, especially when you consider the high prices that many high-end pieces of jewelry command. From pearl hoop earrings to expensive engagement rings, there's a certain degree of risk that's assumed with ordering any jewelry or accessories on the internet.

Fortunately, these risks can be prevented (and in many cases, eliminated) by sticking to some basic safety and security rules. In fact, shopping for jewelry online can even be made into an opportunity for cost savings and great deals. These six tips are designed to help you save money when shopping for pearl hoop earrings and other high-end goods, although they're by no means only for jewelry.

So next time your mouse is hovering above the 'buy' button, uncertain whether to click or not, apply these six principles and you could stand to score a great deal. Shopping for pearl hoop earrings with the internet needn't be a risky or potentially dangerous process – merely one that could shave a few dollars off your budget. Use these six tips to cover any potential risks, and enjoy your jewelry.

Compare different metals, thicknesses, and sizes.
There's nothing worse than opening a much anticipated package to find earrings that are nothing at all like what you'd expected. From sizing issues to erroneous metals, there are hundreds of potential pitfalls awaiting careless online jewelry shoppers. Before buying a set of pearl hoop earrings online, you should check to make sure you've chosen the right metal, earring thickness, and hoop size.

Large hoops, particularly those complemented by think earrings, lack the versatility of small hoops, making them a poor choice for those in need of versatile jewelry. Likewise, earrings with yellow or rose gold finishing may clash with outfits and other pieces of jewelry. Pick pearl hoop earrings that you know will look good, as online return policies can often leave international shoppers at risk.

Shop at an authorized dealer or online reseller.
There's a great deal of fake, deceptive, or otherwise unethical merchants in the online jewelry sales space. Some have taken to using imitation jewelry in place of authentic items, while others trap and irritate customers with poor product descriptions and inaccurate orders. They're a curse for jewelry shoppers, and a major annoyance for those looking for unique, stylish, and valuable hoop earrings.

Before you commit to a purchase or enter your credit card details online, check that you're shopping at an authorized and reputable jewelry dealer. There are real risks to buying jewelry anywhere, and a risky purchase offline can become a disaster online. Check that you're shopping at a reputable dealer before entering credit card information and you could avoid a world of frustrating inconveniences.

Avoid fake pearls and imitation jewelry.
Unfortunately, due to their stylish look and often prohibitive cost, a large market for imitation pearls has emerged over the last two decades. These low-quality imitation pearls are typically fabricated in Chinese factories and other Far East production centers. They're a curse for both online jewelers and their customers, as these low-cost fake pearls bring down the entire industry's reputation.

Avoid online jewelers that carry imitation pearl hoop earrings and other jewelry items. Not only will the pearls you're shopping for be worthless fabrications, the silver or rose gold jewelry that's caught your eye could turn out to be a complete fake. Imitation jewelry is often sold to fund other unethical or illegal activities, making it a risk for both the unknowing buyer and the online retailer.

Consider a different pearl hoop earring style.
Most people are familiar with the standard 'thin' hoop earring – the ultra-popular earring style that's seen on women almost everywhere. While it's tempting to think of pearl hoop earrings as somewhat limited in their appearance, the reality is quite different. From small hoops to hollow heart earrings, a variety of hoop earrings are available, many of which are quite versatile in their design and style.

Have you ever considered 14K gold hoop earrings? These high-end jewelry masterpieces are only available to the biggest of big spenders, with a pricey three-figure price tag typically attached. For the frugal type, hoop earrings made from steel and other industrial-style metals are available. Both of these pearl hoop earrings styles offer unique, versatile looks, despite their different price points.

Big spender? Look for combined pearl and gemstone earrings.
Are you looking for the ultimate in luxury hoop earrings? A variety of high-end online stores offer combined gemstone and pearl hoop earrings, giving their wearer the best of both worlds. Common gemstones include chocolate diamonds and other non-clear diamond stones, along with jade stones and other high-end gems. These earrings typically feature several small gemstones in sequence.

While these hoop earrings are understandably pricey, they're the ideal gift for someone searching for the ultimate in high-end jewelry. Most combined hoop earrings are made from yellow gold or sterling silver, and are priced to match their materials. Typically, you can expect to pay mid three figure prices for even a modest pair of diamond, emerald, or jade hoop earrings.

Pick earrings that complement and match your current style.
Here's an important and frequently misunderstood truth of jewelry: it doesn't matter how big, flashy, or expensive your earrings are if they don't match your outfit. Rose and yellow gold are favorites of the high-end jewelry world, despite offering little in the way of versatility. In contrast, sterling silver and other non-colored metals can complement almost any outfit, jewelry set, or luxury wristwatch.

Think of clashes, combinations, and jewelry pairings when shopping for pearl hoop earrings. While most pearls are white, and therefore unlikely to clash with other colors, the presence of yellow gold or bright metallic pieces could ruin an otherwise complementary set of earrings. When in doubt, use consistency and style as your guide – not necessarily the cost of the pearl hoop earrings in question.

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