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When it comes to choosing pearls there are numerous styles, hues, shapes and sizes available to select from. One item in particular that has grown in popularity with women worldwide is pink pearl earrings. Pink pearls may be natural or dyed, depending upon the type of oyster and how the pearl was formed. Some pearl farmers culture pink pearls by specifically inserting a small bead or other minute object into an oyster, knowing that he pearl that forms will be pink. Whether pearls are naturally pink or have been dyed there is no doubt that pink pearls are a gorgeous addition to any woman’s collection of jewelry.

One of the most beautiful aspects of pink pearls is that they easily complement both white and yellow gold styles giving a variety of appearances. Pink pearls are also complemented by diamonds and it isn’t uncommon to see pink pearl earrings with a diamond encrusted hoop. As the ranges of pink vary you may find pink pearl earrings that are a light mauve or taupe color with a pink tint, to more striking pink hues. You can select pink pearl earrings in Akoya pearls, freshwater, Chinese, Tahitian or South Sea.

One of the most versatile aspects of pearls is that they can be selected in their classic, formal and most preferred round shape or they may be irregular bringing a bit of uniqueness to the design. As pink is often thought of as a feminine color, there is something alluring about pink pearls and the color is often selected over white. Pink pearls are the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or special holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Pink pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are a great way to add beauty to a woman’s wardrobe. In a variety of sizes, shapes and styles you can find pink pearl earrings, rings and other jewelry in a wide array of price ranges ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty and simple elegance of pearls.

Pink pearl earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets provide a wonderful complement to natural skin tones. There are no skin colors that aren’t enhanced by the beauty of pink pearls, whether they are white pearls with pink overtones or the brilliance of deep, lustrous rose colored pearls. In addition to pink pearls being a perfect complement for skin tones they also easily blend with many fashion styles ranging from the young to the old.

Pink pearls are a perfect choice for young girls and children as it can be difficult to find styles that are age appropriate. This isn’t the case with pink pearl earrings; in fact, you can rest assured that if you are choosing jewelry for young girls, you can’t go wrong with pink pearls. Young girls can wear pink pearls with casual and formal attire.

Women who are dressing casually but want to ensure they have the perfect jewelry to complement their attire will find that pink pearls is the perfect choice. As pink pearls instantly say feminine, they can turn any outfit into something special yet casual. A simple outfit of white shirt, skirt or shorts or even a white top with your favorite jeans turns into a gorgeous, yet casual outfit with the addition of pink pearl earrings. Likewise, those going out in evening attire will find that pink pearl jewelry can transform your formal outfit into an elegant ensemble. As pearls have had a long association with class and simple beauty, they give a charming, yet beautiful look to the wearer. Choosing between white and yellow gold with your pink pearls will also enhance the beauty of your outfit.

When choosing pink pearl earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches or other forms of jewelry be sure to check the pearls grade. The highest pearl grade is AAA and grades go to A in the A System. There is also an A-D grading system known as the Tahitian System. In the AAA system AAA is the highest quality and A is the lowest; in the A-D system, A is the highest quality and D is the lowest. AAA and A (Tahitian System) pearls will have few imperfections, are virtually flawless and will have a mirror like reflection to their luster. Pink pearl earrings are a perfect accessory for every woman’s wardrobe. Choose your pearl jewelry carefully to ensure lasting quality and beauty.

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