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Platinum Diamond Earrings

Platinum is one of earth’s rarest elements and is used in many beautiful jewelry pieces. Platinum diamond earrings are one of the most popular ways that this luxurious metal is used in jewelry pieces. Not many consumers are familiar with the beauty of platinum, but this is not a new metal. It dates back to at least the original people of South America before Christopher Columbus’ exploration. It was not until the 18th century, however, that platinum became a popular material, and its potentials for use were explored. Platinum gained use that is more widespread during the industrial revolution. Today, platinum is used in dental, health, and electrical industries, but it is most revered for its use in jewelry. Platinum diamond earrings are undoubtedly the favorite use of this precious metal by many women worldwide.

Platinum diamond earrings are valuable and appear silvery-white in color. Appearing similar to sterling silver, platinum has a lustrous shine and will not tarnish or rust. Due to the fact that platinum is very valuable, many jewelry designers choose to use larger, high quality diamonds with these earrings. It is not uncommon to find diamonds of one or two carats featured in these creations.

Diamonds are featured in platinum earrings in many styles. Due to the larger sizes of these diamonds, many women prefer platinum diamond earrings that consist of studs. Princess cut, marquise, hearts, ovals, and round brilliants are popular ways to showcase these gorgeous gemstones. It is also popular to find platinum diamond earrings that use fancy colored diamonds for a creative and unique look. Though studs are a popular choice for these earrings they are available in other styles such as hoops, drop down, and chandelier earrings. As platinum began to grow in prominence during the 1930s, there is a growing market for antique platinum diamond earrings and many of these are truly superb and exceptional pieces.

Platinum has been selected as the 20th wedding anniversary gift and diamonds is the modern choice for the 10th anniversary. It must be stated, however, that there is a vast number of women that would prefer to receive platinum diamond earrings rather than the traditional gifts of paper or crystal.

Platinum is revered for its durability, weight, and strength. It is approximately twice as strong as gold and much more rare. Due to its rarity, resilience to tarnish, and beauty it is far more valuable than gold. As more people learn about the rare beauty of platinum, it has quickly become the top pick for engagement and wedding rings. The pale silvery-white color of platinum ensures that it looks beautiful with all skin tones and complexions as well. There is virtually no comparison between white gold and sterling silver. The only advantage that sterling silver has over platinum is cost efficiency. Other than that, platinum is virtually untouchable when looking for a high quality, beautiful and durable metal. Those who wish to enjoy the beauty of platinum, but simply cannot afford it may find that choosing sterling silver that has been coated with platinum makes a good alternative.

Palladium and platinum are often added to yellow gold to create what is known as white gold. Nickel may be added to yellow gold to create the pink tones known as rose gold. When platinum, yellow gold and nickel are combined, the result is known as tri gold. When choosing between white gold or platinum, platinum still prevails as the better quality metal as white gold is not pure gold, however, platinum is pure.

Some of the most beautiful platinum diamond earrings are those that use fancy, colored diamonds in their creation. Diamond colors such as green, red, blue, and yellow are wonderful alternatives to other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphire. Those looking for the perfect gift or who just want to ensure they have gorgeous earrings for any special occasion should consider choosing platinum diamond earrings.

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