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Radiant Cut Diamond Earrings

When shopping for a new pair of diamond earrings there will be many options that you have. You may want to consider spicing things up in your jewelry box and opting to a different type of metal, gemstone, and so on. One feature that is often overlooked which is worth considering in your new pair of diamond earrings would be the type of cut that the diamond stones consist of.

The more common choices for cut type with diamond earrings are princess cut and round cut. There are many other options that are available as well though, including radiant, marquise, cushion trillion, and heart shaped cut diamonds. Radiant cut diamond earrings are one great choice as the stones have a cut which show them off greatly in an earring setting.

What are Radiant Cut Diamonds?
Radiant cut diamonds are diamonds which feature a cut of square or rectangle shape. The radiant cut basically puts together the round cut's brilliance and emerald cut's elegance. The efficiency of the color in the radiant cut diamond stone is also very magnificent as these stones feature over 70 facets. If you do not know the difference in cuts then you should definitely look up the various cut types online and see how each showcases the stone. Overall, the radiant cut showcases the diamonds very effectively so it is a top choice for earrings.

How to Choose the Right Radiant Cut Diamond Earrings for You
If you have decided that you would like to buy a pair of diamond earrings which features the radiant cut then you will need to know what to look for when shopping around. This diamond cut type is a great choice but it is not one of the most popular options. The selection may be a little limited but if you take the time to shop around between multiple stores you will be bound to find a great set of radiant cut diamond earrings for you. Obviously you will want to decide the style of earrings that you would like to shop for. If you are unsure of the most common styles then search online to view images on the common styles to see which is right for you.

It is important to compare the specifics of the diamond. You will want to consider the four C’s when choosing the right pair of radiant cut diamonds for you. The four C’s are carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. The carat weight will relate directly to the size of the diamond. You can choose between a single stone and multiple stones in the earrings as well. Smaller stones are more affordable but a larger diamond may be preferred but this is a matter of personal preference. For clarity, you will want to make sure that the stone is eye clean. Colorless would be best to make the diamonds as appealing as possible. Also, you will want to make sure that the diamond is a high quality cut to make sure it best showcases the stone. You may want to consider earrings with additional types of stones included as well.

The metal type of the radiant cut diamond earrings is something else that should be taken into consideration. There are many different metals that you could choose for diamond earring settings. The radiant cut diamond is not as common so your selection may be restricted based on the metal type you want. The more popular choices for metal types for radiant cut diamond earrings are yellow gold and white gold. You will want to consider the karat amount of the gold or other type of metal as well. For yellow and white gold it is suggested that you at least choose 14K gold but you have the option of 10-18K as well.

One other important thing to consider would be the cost of the earrings. Diamonds vary in price depending on their four C’s and the metal type and karat amount can have a major effect on the cost of the earrings as well. You will want to set a budget to follow to make sure that you only shop for radiant cut diamond earrings that you can afford to buy. You can find very inexpensive pairs and luxurious high priced sets available as well so stick within your affordable price range and look for the earrings that have the most stunning appeal.

Diamond earrings are a very stylish and luxurious type of jewelry. There are many different styles and designs that are available so it is possible for any woman or man to find the perfect set for them. The type of cut that the diamonds consist of is a feature which is often overlooked but it has a major effect on the showcasing of the stone. In fact, the right cut can make a diamond look larger and better than it actually is. Ultimately, radiant cut diamond earrings feature a very appealing cut type and there are many options for these earrings so it is well worth taking a look at them when shopping for a new pair of diamond earrings.

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