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Red Diamond Earrings

Colored diamonds are becoming a very popular choice of gemstone to use with all types of jewelry. This is not any different for earrings as there are now many colored diamond earrings available. One great choice is the red diamond earrings which offer a similar appeal to ruby earrings for a more affordable price. Considering that the ruby is often classified as the most precious stone in the world, it is understandable why it may be a good idea to opt to red diamonds for your jewelry. Although, natural red diamonds can be nearly as pricey so they are not a viable option for most.

Natural red diamonds are incredibly rare. The price of these stones is typically very high. One red diamond that was under a carat sold for seven figures in the 1980’s. There are only a small number of red diamonds in existence, and even a smaller number that received quality grades. Red diamonds range in color from purplish red to fancy red with the latter is the most incredible. If you are looking to buy a pair of red diamond earrings then you will likely have to opt for non-natural stones unless you have a huge budget.

How to Choose the Right Red Diamond Earrings for You
There will be a few things that you will want to consider when shopping for a pair of red diamond earrings. First off, you will want to think about whether you want natural red diamonds or not. Though everyone would choose these over non-natural, the high price tag makes them an unlikely investment for most people. You can still find a very appealing pair of red diamond earrings without investing in natural colored stones though.

With that being said, it is a good idea to look for enhanced (also called cultured) diamonds of the red color. These will be much more affordable and you will have many different designs of earrings to choose from. Enhanced diamonds are irradiated to create the color. These stones can still be of decent quality and very appealing when matched with the right earring settings.

When comparing your options you will want to consider the styles of red diamond earrings that are available. Some popular style choices include drop, hoop, and stud styled red diamond earrings. You will want to look at all the options that are available and find the right one for you. You will also want to consider the setting of the earrings. For instance, stud styled earrings have settings such as three, four, six prong and bezel settings. There are also various options for the metal of the setting, such as yellow gold and white gold. You can then choose between carat amounts for the metal type as well.

One other thing that you will need to consider is the quality of the stone. Even if you choose an enhanced red diamond you will have to make sure that it is a quality color, cut, and clarity. Put a little effort into comparing the options and make sure you choose a quality pair of red diamond earrings. If you are unsure of what to look for then you can check online for guidelines to follow to help you choose the best quality of red diamond earrings.

Where to Buy Red Diamond Earrings
Red diamond earrings with natural stones are very uncommon and there is a good chance that you will not find any for sale. As of late 2011, a loose .18Ct TW red diamond stone has over a $55,000 price tag, and a .46Ct TW red diamond stone has over a $260,000 price tag. This means that even if you only had .01Ct TW stone in each earring, you would be looking at a large price tag for the set. Therefore, it is a good idea to shop around for enhanced red diamond earrings as there will be an actual selection and you will not have to sell your house to buy an attractive pair.

You can shop at jewelry stores in your area to see what red diamond earrings are available. If you want to increase your selection then you could shop online as well. This will open you up to many different designs of red diamond earrings and various choices for the stone specifics. It is definitely a great idea to compare your options online as you will be more likely to find the right pair of red diamond earrings for you and get a pair at the best price possible as well.

Red diamonds are stunning and can be beautiful even if they are lab treated. This is a great alternative to ruby earrings as these are typically more affordable. There are styles of red diamond earrings available for both men and women and there are many designs to choose from when comparing choices of enhanced stones. In closing, red diamond earrings are incredibly attractive and stylish so they are worth taking a look at when shopping for a new pair of colorful gemstone earrings.

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