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When it comes to elegance, few earrings can compete with the stylish and classy look of drop, or 'dangle,' earrings. Built from two parts – a small ring that sits within the ear, and a larger hanging jewel arrangement – these earrings are perfect for high-class night-time events, soirees and other social engagements, and any gathering where it's essential for you to have a radiant, shiny glow.

Long renowned with glitzy red carpet events, it's very common to see drop earrings on many of the entertainment world's top actresses during an awards ceremony or other high-profile event. With an amazingly sleek look, these earrings are immensely popular because their long, thin design results in a thinner looking neck and longer shoulder line, enhancing the plunge dresses many people wear.

They also serve to complement other jewel arrangements, particularly ornate necklaces and pendant pieces. It's often the case that you'll see a dazzling Hollywood actress wowing the crowds with both a plunging neckline – complete with a large sapphire necklace, of course – but with matching drop earrings too, completing the deep blue look and creating a fantastic, consistent look in the process.

Today, we're going to look at one of the most popular forms of dangle earrings – sapphire drop earrings. Made from one of the jewelry world's most desirable and visually flexible gemstones, these earrings can work with a variety of outfits. As well as looking at sapphire earrings on their own, we'll also take a look at how they can complement other colors, jewelry items, and outfits.

There's an age-old belief that sapphires are always blue. Like many other long-held beliefs, it's not true, and it's puzzling to think of where this half-truth originated from. While many sapphires are a strong shade of blue, the sapphire gemstone can occur in many different colors including pink, grey, pink, yellow, and even green – all of these color combinations are considered sapphire gemstones.

In fact, the sapphire can occur in any color except red. Red sapphires do technically exist, although they're known as rubies – a distinction that's based on color more than it is a chemical or geological factor. This versatility in terms of color can make sapphires a very flexible gemstone, matching any type of outfit without potentially clashing as a single-color gemstone like a ruby could.

Despite their availability in different colors, the majority of sapphires are blue, with either a deep blue or lighter metallic blue occurring most frequently. Because of this, sapphire drop earrings are most often made using metals which complement dark blue hues. White gold, sterling silver, and even brushed steel are all common housing metals due to their compatibility with dark blue.

Of these, sterling silver is by far the most widely used, accounting for a large portion of all earrings featuring sapphire as a center gemstone. As silver is relatively inexpensive and compatible with all shades of blue, visually appealing and classy drop earrings featuring sapphire are widely available at almost any price point. Inexpensive or range-topping – both are easily available for you to buy.

Another popular metal for sapphire earrings is white gold, which offers the incredible shine of gold with few of the wear and tear downsides. Completely white in its appearance, it complements deep blue tones effectively, and looks right at home wrapped around a gorgeous sapphire. In some cases, alternative white 'gold' metals such as palladium are also used to house light colored blue sapphires.

Pairing these earrings with the right outfit might seem like a difficult process, but it's really quite simple. Thanks to the versatility of blue, particularly alongside outfit-neutral metals like silver, a high quality set of sapphire drop earrings can be used alongside everything from black dresses to tan work blouses, all without resulting in a major clash between colors or clothing styles.

At their heart, drop earrings are suited for formal occasions, and tend to look best alongside a long dress or cocktail outfit. Blue sapphires tend to match darker dresses nicely, although obviously are not a good choice alongside non-matching colors. Generally speaking, dark shades and grays look amazing alongside silver-sapphire earrings, while strong primary colors often look quite strange.

For sapphire drop earrings with gemstones in a color other than blue, it's best to go by ear and use a simple color coordination chart. Remember to match your earrings with both your outfit's color and your hair color-skin tone combination, as both can introduce clashes that result in unusual looks. It's fairly simple to get a feel for colors with gemstone earrings, although it can take a while to feel it.

Generally speaking, longer sapphire drop earrings, particularly earrings with several different stones in their arrangement at different levels, should only be worn with formal dresses. Although they can be worn with ordinary, casual outfits, it might produce a slightly odd look. Creativity can often pay off though, so feel free to experiment with sapphire drop earrings, creating new and different looks.

At their core, sapphire drop earrings are a classy and elegant type of jewelry, but one that needs to be worn with the right setting and outfit in mind. As with all other types of high-end, formal silver jewelry, these items can look great or awkward depending on the outfit they're matched to. Try an assortment of outfits until you find your match, and enjoy the perfect look once you've found it!

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