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Single Diamond Stud Earrings

Single diamond stud earrings are a great addition to every woman’s wardrobe. Diamond earrings add sparkle and shine to every outfit while featuring the brilliance and beauty of one of the most sought after gemstones. Diamond earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry known and studs are an excellent way to display the beauty of large, flawless stones. Studs vary in size, shape, weight and color, but one thing is certain: single diamond stud earrings accentuate features and draw attention to the eyes. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing diamond stud earrings is the cut or shape of the diamond.

Diamond cuts are used to highlight a diamond’s facets and create a beautiful sparkle and shine. Some of the most popular shapes used with single diamond stud earrings include the round brilliant, princess, emerald, cushion, heart, pear, marquise, oval, radiant and asscher. These shapes are all used for single diamond stud earrings and are a beautiful complement for every woman’s wardrobe. Though a number of women simply prefer the look of one shape to another, some diamond shapes are better suited for special occasions. There is no doubt that heart diamond stud earrings are a great choice for those looking for special earrings to wear on Valentine’s Day. The princess diamond is also a popular choice as it has rounded corners and allows for the gem to give radiant light.

When choosing single diamond stud earrings determine what type of metal you prefer. You can choose white or yellow gold along with palladium, platinum, or sterling silver. White gold is a great choice for those who want to highlight the flawless beauty of their earrings with a metal that is more valuable than silver. Single diamond stud earrings are a classic jewelry staple that is a wonderful addition to every woman’s jewelry collection. They also make a great selection when giving someone diamonds for the first time.

If you are looking for a diamond gift for a special woman in your life, consider single diamond stud earrings. These are a great choice for women of all ages and make a great gift for young girls and teens. When comparing different single diamond stud earrings for gifts, keep in mind that 14-karat white gold studs that feature round, brilliant diamonds of varying karats are the most popular choices. Do not rush your choice and as diamonds are often a girl’s most favorite gift to receive, save up for a higher quality diamond if needed. One of the advantages to buying single diamond stud earrings is that you can find them at discount prices as well.

Whether planning to shop on a budget or if you saved up for the best deal, you will need to make certain you select diamonds according to the four C’s. The four C’s include cut, clarity, carat and color. Choose your single diamond stud earrings based on these four C’s and make certain that the diamond you select meets the qualifications you picked. Take the time to perform your research and make sure that you select a high quality diamond that exhibits expert artisanship. By taking the time to research the different characteristics of diamonds, you can make certain that you make a well-informed decision. It is a wise idea to pay attention to the appraisal of the diamonds. Look for single diamond stud earrings that have been certified and appraised. Take into account the color and clarity of the diamond as well. Many prefer colors based upon personal preference and what might seem more desirable to one person, may not appeal to another.

Colored diamond studs often include fancy colors, like pink, yellow, black, green, red, and blue hold special value to many women. Though some women may enjoy getting rubies on Valentine’s Day, a pair of red diamond studs may be the very thing that truly makes her happy. Do not feel confined to clear or colorless diamonds but look for single diamond stud earrings in a variety of colors. If choosing color diamonds, however, determine whether they are natural or synthetic. Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare and will cost a great price, as they are highly valuable. Single diamond stud earrings are a great gift for every woman and are a wonderful addition to every wardrobe.

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