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Sterling Silver Diamond Hoop Earrings

Sterling silver is the highest form of silver you may buy when choosing jewelry. As silver is too soft in its purest form for use in jewelry it is mixed with other metals that will strengthen it, make it pliable, and give it its form. The highest degree of sterling silver available to purchase is 92.5 percent. This indicates that the silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver with the remaining ingredients metal alloys such as nickel or copper. Due to sterling silver’s inexpensiveness, it is a popular choice for those shopping on a budget. Sterling silver diamond hoop earrings are a popular jewelry style that incorporates the use of silver with the beauty of diamonds in an easy, affordable manner.

Sterling silver is less valuable than gold, but it is different in appearance. The highest-grade precious metal is platinum, which is a rare element found in the earth’s crust. Following platinum is palladium and these two are revered for their silvery-white appearance. Not being left out of the silver colored group, yellow gold is often mixed with palladium in order to achieve the white gold variety. Still, platinum, palladium, and white gold are more valuable metals than sterling silver, however, sterling silver, in its best form, looks remarkably similar to these materials. In fact, when platinum was first discovered, it was called platina, which means “little silver.” Sterling silver is a popular metal choice that has many advantages, the first of which, is its low cost. Used in a number of different jewelry styles and designs, such as sterling silver diamond hoop earrings, this metal makes a great addition to every woman’s collection.

When choosing sterling silver diamond hoop earrings and other silver jewelry, look for the number 925 or the word “silver” or “ster” stamped on the piece. There are many metal styles that use silver as a coating; however, these are not as valuable as sterling silver. Pewter may look like silver at first glance, but it is composed of 90% tin. Vermeil is created by using sterling silver than adding a yellow gold plate to the top layer. Make certain that the product you are interested in is stamped as this verifies that it is in fact sterling silver.

Sterling silver has enjoyed a long, lengthy history dating back to the 12th century. One of silver’s earliest uses was in jewelry and the hoop style earring dates back to antiquity. It was only a matter of time before the combination of sterling silver and diamonds were paired to create one of the most popular jewelry styles known to humankind.

Though sterling silver is less valuable than precious metals such as platinum or palladium, these earrings can increase in worth due to the amount of diamonds used. Some inside out diamond hoop earring styles feature rows of diamonds on both sides of the earring and can cost several hundred dollars. It is not uncommon to find these earrings with approximately one carat of diamonds for under $200.00, making them an extremely valuable deal. You can choose sterling silver diamond hoop earrings in a variety of styles and designs as well.

Though it is often considered that sterling silver should be paired with colorless diamonds, there are many styles that incorporate the use of colored diamonds for creative designs. Diamonds may be singular, arranged in rows on the hoops; they may alternate with colorful gemstones or be arranged symmetrically side by side on the hoop. They may be small, flat diamonds that are nearly imprinted in the hoop’s design, as such as with diamond chips, or they may be bold, solitary diamonds that are the hoop’s main focal point. The many styles and arrangements of sterling silver diamond hoop earrings ensures that every woman can find a design that complements her character, personality, and fashion wardrobe.

When choosing sterling silver diamond hoop earrings make certain that you are selecting high quality silver and determine how the diamonds were created that are used in the earrings. You should know the total weight of the diamonds as well. Take steps to keep your sterling silver diamond hoop earrings in good condition and store them in a tarnish resistant jewelry box.

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