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Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

Swarovski crystal is one of the most sought after crystals, next to diamonds of course. The fact that they are so affordable and can be set into any piece of jewelry and look stylish is just one of the reasons why they are the fashion choice for so many.

A little history on Swarovski crystals
Daniel Swarovski invented the process for coating the back of crystals with a kind of powdered foil, which is now known as Swarovski. This process increased the ability to produce high quantities of superb-looking crystals at a price that was cost-effective. Previous methods were expensive and clumsy and this reflected in the price of the jewelry.

This ground-breaking process was achieved in the late 19th century and commonly only the best crystal lead glass is used making the stones shine as brilliantly as diamonds. Glass high in lead content refracts the light better than ordinary glass, which gives them their luminescence and high sparkle. Swarovski crystals are also heavier than cheap glass-made crystals too. Swarovski crystal is not limited to jewelry ideas only, but it also produces figurines and hanging crystals.

Choosing earrings
There are many different types of earrings to choose from and if you are looking for something stylish and sophisticated particularly for evening wear then you can do no better than Swarovski crystal earrings. In a range of button or drop style there is much to choose from. The wonderful thing about Swarovski crystal, apart from the high brilliant shine, is the price tag. Although they look like diamonds, you can buy them at a fraction of the price and it is quite difficult to tell the difference, unless you are an expert in the field. The way the Swarovski crystals are cut is very similar to diamonds and when they are set in a high quality settings – this makes it even harder to distinguish.

You can of course choose cheaper earrings that are set in gold-plate or silver-tone metal, but you may find that these have an adverse effect on your ears making them red or bringing on a rash. Many people do have reactions to base metal jewelry, particularly earrings, so why compromise you health when you can get the real deal for just a little more money. Swarovski crystal deserves to be displayed in the best way possible, so choosing inferior base metal to set them in just does not make sense.

Matching jewelry
As Swarovski crystal is not limited to just earrings, you will be able to find matching bracelets or necklaces to complement your drop earrings. There are some wonderful creations around and in a variety of colors and shapes, although just plain crystal is perfect for so many occasions and will go with any outfit. Teardrop earrings and matching pendant have always been popular and it is easy to see why. Their simple shape suits a variety of occasions and looks stylish without even trying.

Changing trends
As time changes, so does jewelry design and shape. We are very lucky in our modern times as we can choose from the numerous vintage designs, still being produced for that retro look, to up to the minute geometric design. Some designs take in other cultures, such as Celtic or African styles and combine the Swarovski crystal with other previous stones or gems. Cultured pearls look beautiful when set with Swarovski crystal in a drop earring design.

Making your own drop earrings
Swarovski crystal is readily available to buy as loose beads and you can opt to make your own stylish drop earrings. Simply buy silver or gold (recommended rather than plate) earring wires and thread the crystal bead onto the wire. You can choose to intertwine the Swarovski crystal with other types of gemstones and instantly create your own set of stunning drop earrings.

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