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Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite earrings are a type of jewelry which features the tanzanite gemstone. This stone is noticed for its rich blue color which makes it visually similar to the sapphire gem. It was first found in Tanzania over 40 years ago and it remains as the only place in the world that contains this gem. Tanzanite has become very desirable for jewelry purposes over the years. It is considered to be a rare gemstone but it is more affordable than many other choices of precious stones. In fact, sapphire is the main gem it tends to be compared to and it is typically three or four times cheaper than this particular stone.

There is a wide range of quality for tanzanite stones. The low grade stones are very affordable with a price tag as low as $100 a carat. This quality is comparable to the quality of tanzanite stones in jewelry stores at a shopping mall in your area. Higher grade stones are much richer in color and for a larger stone you would be looking at well over $500 a carat. It is not uncommon to see tanzanite stones being valued at more than $1,000 a carat. The color is a major factor in the value of the stone but the clarity, cut, and carat weight all come into play as well.

How to Choose the Right Tanzanite Earrings for You
As just explained there is a wide range of quality for this type of gem. This means that it is necessary for you to decide exactly how high graded you want the tanzanite stones to be in the tanzanite earrings that you plan to buy. To decide this you will have to consider your budget as it has a major factor in which grades you can afford. The larger the budget, the better the four C’s of the stone can be.

Most people put a tremendous focus on the color of the stones in particular for earring purposes as it tends to be the most noticed feature. You can lack in clarity and cut properties slightly to pick a larger more color rich stone for tanzanite earrings and not have to worry about the visual appeal suffering much at all. Just figure out your budget so you can shop around accordingly and find the best set of tanzanite earrings for you.

Remember that you will have to think about the other characteristics of the four C’s even if they are not a primary factor in the jewelry’s appeal. You will want to make sure that the clarity of the stones is at least eye clean to prevent any inclusions from being noticeable. You will also want a quality cut to make sure that the stone showcases its properties as well as possible. The carat weight is an indicator on the size of the stone so it is mostly a major concern in regards to how large the stone should be.

Another major consideration when choosing the right pair of tanzanite earrings for you is the metal that is used to make the earrings. There are many options for metal but gold is usually the top pick. You can choose from various colors of gold as well. Yellow gold and white gold are the most common choices for tanzanite jewelry. Both are great for showcasing the strong color of this particular stone. Sterling silver is another popular option as it is more affordable than most gold. If you decide that gold is the metal you want for the earrings then you will have to choose the karat amount as well. 14K gold is the most popular choice but you can pick 10K or 18K depending on your preference.

Where to Buy Tanzanite Earrings
Tanzanite jewelry is popular for the fact that it is well known and highly appreciated by many jewelry enthusiasts. However, the rarity of this gem and the fact that it is not at the top of the list of precious stones makes it a little difficult to find. Many jewelry stores have a small selection of tanzanite earrings for you to choose from. You will have to check with multiple stores in your area to see what is available but there is no guarantee that you will find a set that is perfect for you.

To improve the selection of tanzanite earrings that you have to choose from you will want to shop online for them as well. This will open you up to a much larger amount of tanzanite earrings to choose from. You will be able to search for earrings based on your specific criteria and find the exact style, features, and specifications that you desire. You will also be able to get the best price possible on the set if you compare the online options as well.

If you are looking for earrings with a quality blue gemstone but do not want to fork out the high price for sapphire earrings you may want to consider the tanzanite gem. This is much more affordable than the sapphire and still offers a great visual appeal. You will be able to open yourself to a much more diverse selection and find a set of earrings that has a lot to offer while sticking within your budget. In closing, tanzanite earrings are very affordable and can look great but you will have to determine exactly what you are looking for and shop around for the right pair for you.

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