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Founded in 1837, Tiffany and Co. has long been one of the leading jewelers in the United States and now worldwide. Specializing in jewelry and silverware, one of Tiffany’s most prized jewelry pieces are the famed Tiffany pearl earrings. Known for its exquisiteness and luxury, Tiffany pearl earrings range in price from under $250.00 to tens of thousands of dollars. The wide array of prices ensures that everyone can enjoy the beauty and splendor of Tiffany regardless of budget.

Pearls can be natural or cultured. Natural pearls are the most valuable as these are obtained in seas and oceans and must be sought after. Cultured pearls are still genuine pearls, only the way the pearl was formed is different. These pearls result when a farmer has “seeded” an oyster with some sort of material into the oyster’s nucleus. Cultured pearls are extremely valuable, but they are more affordable than natural oysters as they are easier to come by.

Quality is of little concern when choosing Tiffany pearl earrings as you can rest assured that you are getting the best. When choosing Tiffany earrings you’ll spend more time selecting jewelry based upon your budget and personal taste rather than quality of the piece. Pearls are graded based upon six different factors including the surface quality of the pearl, the quality of the nacre, the shape, size, color and luster of the pearl. Though Tiffany pearl earrings are of fine quality, you will find different pearl earrings for different prices. Some of the most popular pearl types include Tahitian, Akoya, South Sea and Cortez.

There are several styles available when choosing Tiffany pearl earrings. These include classic studs and drop earrings. Some earrings, such as studs are available in a variety of sizes ensuring that you can get the best pearl earrings for your budget, style and personal taste. One of the nicest features of pearl earrings is that they complement other jewelry types and you don’t necessarily have to pair them with pearl necklaces or bracelets for a finished look. Pearl earrings look splendid with gold, silver, diamonds and complement other gemstones as well.

Available in a wide array of colors, pearls may range from pure white and its shades, to pink hues, gold, black, purple, green and gray. The more original a pearl is the greater the chance it will become a sole focal point in a piece of jewelry. This may be in a ring, necklace, pendant, and brooch or featured in a bracelet. The array of colors makes adding pearls to your jewelry collection and wardrobe accessories easy and simple.

Pearls are beautiful and have a classic allure however they are very delicate and it is important to care for them properly. Tiffany pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets rings and brooches must be treated with care to maintain their beauty and ensure their longevity. Makeup, perfume, hair products such as gel and hair spray can harm your pearls causing them to become damaged. Never spray your hair or use styling products, perfume or makeup while wearing pearl jewelry.

Chemical residue remaining on your pearl jewelry can cause them to become damaged, therefore, it’s important to clean your pearls after wearing them. Clean your Tiffany pearl earrings by using warm water and mild dishwashing liquid (a few drops added to the water) with a soft rag. Wipe off the pearls and then rinse and ring out the cloth with clean water, and wipe the pearls down a second time. Never submerge your pearls in a bowl of water or soak them as this will cause them to become damaged. Dry the pearls off with a dry, lint free cloth after you’ve wiped the pearls with clean water. Don’t use ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on pearls either as these are too harsh.

In addition to proper cleaning, make sure to properly store your pearls as well. Tiffany pearl earrings should be stored in a jewelry box away from other pieces of jewelry as the other pieces may damage the pearls. Pearls need air to circulate so avoid storing them in some type of tight container that will cause them to become dry or brittle.

By taking the time to clean and store your Tiffany pearl earrings you can make certain they last a lifetime.

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