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White Gold Dangle Earrings

White gold dangle earrings are an excellent earring type for any formal occasion. The dangle design, popularized decades ago and one of the most popular sellers to date is a fitting look for anyone who wants to accentuate their ears, ears, and face. The dangle design is best worn by those who want to elongate their neck, or who wish to add color against a darker wardrobe. The dangle earring complements dresses and formal attire nicely, and is elegant enough to wear to red carpet events yet fun enough to wear casually, as well.

Dangle vs. Drop
Dangle and drop earrings are commonly associated with one another, though there are a few notable differences. A dangle earring describes all earrings which dangle uncontrolled by a bar, hard wire, or solid design element. Drop earrings, on the other hand, drop from the ear but are connected with a solid piece from the lobe to the lower design element. As a general rule, a dangle earring will be flexible, and move freely as your head moves. A drop earring, on the other hand, is generally less likely to move, and will often rest at a 90 degree angle to your head toward the floor.

If purchasing dangle earrings as a gift, be sure to confirm what the other party believes dangle or drop earrings really are. You wouldn’t want to purchase the wrong item due solely to a breakdown in communication, especially not if they’re for a special someone.

White Gold Dangle Earrings
White gold dangle earrings are most popular when matched with formal dress wear. Unlike yellow gold, which appears darker when hidden between the ear, hair, and shoulder, a white gold dangle earring will reflect any small amount of light, illuminating the face.

It is likely that you’ve seen dangle earrings on the red carpet for Hollywood events as most every female celebrity shows up with a pair nestled in her ears. White gold dangles are especially popular to help provide a contrast between the red of the carpet, the color of the dress, and to bring out makeup. Designers often pair white gold earrings with red and black wardrobes, which helps to bring out the richness of the color easily. As an additional benefit, white gold dangles can be purchased in any length, which allows anyone from five feet tall to seven feet high to realize the benefit of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Gems and Diamonds
The most simple dangle earrings are made solely of white gold, which is perfectly fine; however, others may prefer to mix it up with gems and diamonds, which help add more reflection and refraction of light toward the viewer and away from the wearer.

It is most common to find colored or stained glass, and occasionally plastics, woven into a simple white gold drop earring. The colors, which are lit by the shine from the white gold, can be matched to other pieces of the wardrobe including shoes, dress, or handbag, and make for an easy way to find a perfect, put-together look. Thanks to the relatively inexpensive nature of glass and plastics, these types of white gold dangles are most inexpensive.

For those looking for additional luxury, white gold diamond dangle earrings are the ultimate in beauty. Crafted of one or many different diamonds, a diamond dangle earring refracts more light than glass, and is a sure way to liven up your face by creating light behind the ears. Luckily, diamond dangle earrings do not have to be expensive. In fact, most jewelers use less quality, smaller diamonds in earrings which helps keep the total price tag lower without sacrificing their unique look. In general, the more diamonds that are used to create a total carat weight, the less expensive the dangle earring will be.

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