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White Gold Earrings

White gold earrings are a beautiful type of jewelry that can look absolutely stunning with any type of wardrobe. There are many different choices that are available for styles and designs of white gold earrings. This means that there are sets of white gold earrings that are suited for your personal taste.

What is White Gold?
When looking into white gold earrings it is important to know what white gold is made up of. White gold consists of pure gold that is alloyed with white metals such as nickel, platinum, and sometimes palladium. You are more likely to find white gold mixtures with nickel than platinum because of the affordability of the nickel metal.

You can find white gold earrings in both 14k white gold and 18k white gold. The karat amount will signify the purity of the gold. A piece of jewelry with 14k white gold will contain 14 parts of pure gold for every 10 parts of alloyed metals. A piece of jewelry with 18k white gold will contain 18 parts of pure gold for every 6 parts of alloyed metals.

The more alloyed metals, the stronger the white color. The alloyed metals factor the hardness and durability between karat amounts. 18k white gold that is made with nickel will be harder than 14k white gold that is made with nickel because there is a need for more of the metal in the former choice. The difference between the two will not be substantial when used for earrings so you do not have to spend much time on this decision.

Types of White Gold Earrings
There are many different types of white gold earrings available for you to buy. The main difference between them will be the style of the earrings. A few examples of very popular types of white gold earrings include the white gold studs, hoops, and dangle earrings. It would be best if you go through all of your options to choose the style that you like the most. After you find one, there will be many different sets of white gold earrings available with that style for you to pick from.

You can find many sets of white gold earrings that contain gemstones. A few examples of this would include white gold earrings with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. This is a great choice if you want to make the earrings as appealing as possible. The rich color intensity and sparkle of various precious gemstones can make the white gold earrings look absolutely stunning.

Buying White Gold Earrings as a Gift
If you are going to buy white gold earrings as a gift then you will need to know what to go for. First, you will have to acknowledge the specific type of earrings that the recipient would most like to receive. You can do this by gauging the styles of earrings that this person typically wears or just asking him or her.

After doing so, you should decide on whether you would like the earrings to contain any gemstones or not. Most people are fans of diamond stones so this would be a solid way to go if you do not know their personal preferences. However, a more effective choice would be to invest in the recipients’ birthstone gem as it adds a personal effect to the gift.

Where to Buy White Gold Earrings
You can find a decent selection of white gold earrings at your local jewelry store. There will be many different choices for styles and designs of these earrings. There is a good chance that there will be something that catches your eye. You may want to take a look at some online jewelry stores though as you will open yourself up to a much larger selection.

By purchasing online you will be able to choose from every possible style of white gold earring and incorporate any type of gemstone in the design. You could also look into getting custom white gold earrings so they are tailored specifically for your needs. So, it would definitely be a good idea to take a look at the pieces available online, as well as the pieces available at local jewelry stores.

Final Thoughts
White gold earrings are a beautiful piece of jewelry. They can be worn to make a major fashion statement with any outfit. Whether worn with business wear or casual wear, the white gold earrings will complement your clothing flawlessly. There are also many different styles and designs of white gold earrings available so you will be bound to find one that appeals to you. To close, it would definitely be a worthwhile investment for you to add a set of white gold earrings to your collection or to buy as a gift for someone close to you.

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