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Yellow Diamond Earrings

Yellow diamonds are one of the specialty types of diamonds that are revered by many worldwide. Diamonds may be found in a variety of color in their natural state, however, it is considered rare to find them. Colored diamonds are referred to as fancy and their value varies and is often contingent upon the other characteristics of the four C’s. A diamond is generally valued by its carat or weight, cut, clarity and color. Though most diamonds are valued according to being colorless, fancy diamonds can also be of great value. However, they must be natural, have brilliant clarity, and a flawless cut. When diamonds are rare, they are instantly more valuable. Natural yellow diamonds are rare and those looking for yellow diamond earrings that were formed in the depths of the earth will pay a substantial fee for them.

One of the most famous yellow diamonds is the Tiffany yellow diamond that weighs 128.54 carats. The diamond is not in earrings but rather a pendant that has been worn only twice. The actress Audrey Hepburn wore the extravagant gem in promotional photos for the film “Breakfast at Tiffanys.” Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse also wore it in 1957, at one of Tiffany’s infamous balls, held in Newport, Rhode Island. Though not many women will enjoy the luxuries afforded Mrs. Whitehouse and Audrey Hepburn, women of all occupations can enjoy the beauty of yellow diamonds by choose those that are cultured.

Cultured diamonds are synthetic or those that have been formed with modern technology. As diamonds are composed of pure carbon that has been subjected to extremely high temperatures and under intense pressure, humankind has sought to create diamonds since the late 18th century. Humankind has succeeded and the area of synthetic diamonds and other gemstones has revolutionized the jewelry world. For women who want to wear gorgeous, yellow diamond earrings, there may be no other possible opportunity than for her to wear synthetic or cultured earrings. Most can tell whether a yellow diamond is natural or cultured based upon price alone. A one carat, cultured or synthetic yellow diamond might cost approximately $2,000. When choosing yellow diamond earrings determine if they are natural or synthetic. It is important to note that the only difference between synthetic and natural diamonds is the conditions in which the diamond is formed. There is no difference between the physical properties of the diamonds, however, natural diamonds out value synthetic. There is growing concern that as humankind continues to develop technologies for creating diamonds, natural diamonds may one day lose their value.

When choosing fancy diamonds, such as yellow diamond earrings, inquire about the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) report. The report will define qualities and characteristics inherent to the diamond such as carat, color, clarity grade size, finish, symmetry, and more. The Gemological Institute of America offers grades for fancy colors, and these reports are vital for those wanting to know how much their fancy jewelry, such as yellow diamond earrings are worth. Those who want the most valuable yellow diamond earrings will need to choose from natural GIA graded fancy diamonds. Look for those that are at least one full carat in size. If you have a smaller budget and are looking for synthetic alternatives, you will find there are many options that offer the same look, beauty, and luxurious feel of natural diamonds in affordable prices.

When choosing yellow diamond earrings keep in mind that you are not confined to any specific style of precious metal combination. Yellow diamonds look just as magnificent in yellow gold as they do in white, palladium, and platinum. It appears that many jewelry designers recognize the striking brilliance of surrounding yellow diamonds with clear, flawless, and colorless smaller, diamonds tones. It is not difficult to find yellow diamonds and colorless diamonds paired together. Yellow is a soft color that is often associated with sunshine and happiness. The color looks beautiful on skin complexions ranging from light peach and fair, to dark ebony tones. The combination of yellow diamonds with all skin types and is a wonderful addition to women of all lifestyles personal jewelry collections.

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