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Yellow gold earrings are amongst the most popular items of jewelry bought anywhere in the world. The price of a pair of yellow gold earrings will very much depend on the overall carat purity of the gold. This is an actual purity index which is generally used to evaluate the amount of gold a pair of earrings will contain. An example of this will be 1 carat yellow gold earrings will actually contain 23 mg of other metals. You will actually find that the vast majority of jewellery will have a three digit hallmark engraved into the metal in order to indicate its purity. The lowest number will be 375 which is for 9 carat gold jewellery found in the UK, and the maximum is 999 for 24 carat gold jewellery.

There are numerous styles and designs of yellow gold earrings and one of the most popular amongst women is the hoop variety. Yellow gold hoop earrings are typically fairly large and will therefore not generally be solid. They are hollowed out, although you will find that the actual gold has a high carat purity. The higher the carat purity, the high you can expect the price to be.

Another popular version of yellow gold earrings is the teardrop shape. This version of gold earring is very different from the hoop variety and is generally made from solid gold. The main part of the earring will usually be directly attached to a bar that is able to hold hearings in place. These are also often referred to as stud earrings. A pair of stud earrings will always be small enough to be made from solid gold and may occasionally have precious stones set in.

There are many different precious gemstones that may be set in yellow gold earrings, but without doubt the most popular will be diamonds. You will generally find that diamond earrings will be relatively expensive, although the actual price will very much depend on the overall carat mass of the diamonds. You will actually find that the majority of the price is down to the diamonds rather than the actual yellow gold earrings. Peridots are also widely used as gemstones that are set in yellow gold earrings. The peridot will usually give off a vibrant green or olive colour.

Yet another stone that is often set in yellow gold earrings is the Opal. You will commonly find white and green opals in yellow gold earrings, but may occasionally see the much rarer black or red opals. Amethysts are also often used in gold earrings and modern technology has allowed this precious gemstone to actually be manufactured as opposed to being mined. You may also come across yellow gold earrings that include topaz as a stone. Topaz is most notably transparent, although the numerous impurities it may contain will give it a certain hue.

Yellow gold earrings are often accompanied by various styles of pearls. You should find that the beautiful lustre of cultured pearls will perfectly complement the sparkle of diamonds and 14 carat yellow gold. A version of this type of earring is the Akoya cultured pearl and diamond earrings that have been set in 14 carat yellow gold. This pair of earrings is simply stunning and can generally be purchased for just under $500. However, yellow gold earrings will typically come in a fairly wide price range. Many of the simplest yellow gold stud earrings will retail at under $20. With that said, you will also find certain varieties that include certain precious gemstones and will cost well in excess of $1000.

The oldest known pair of yellow gold earrings were first discovered in a grave near Stonehenge approximately 4000 years ago. However, rather than fitting through piercings in the ear lobes or actually clipping onto the ears, these earrings are actually worn by being wrapped around the ears. The first clip on yellow gold earrings were not introduced until 1200 BC and pierced earrings first became popular around 1550 BC. There are various paintings found in ancient tombs that clearly depict both men and women with pierced ears and wearing earrings.

Nowadays, of course, there are various ranges of yellow gold earrings which include the clip on and pierced variety. As mentioned, a style that has never gone out of fashion is the hooped yellow gold earring that can be worn by both men and women. There are various sizes of hoops ranging from the small and discreet, to the large and showy. You will also find that yellow gold hoop earrings may be smooth and shiny or even engraved with certain elegant and beautiful designs. Another style of yellow gold earrings that appears to be the current trend is the chandelier design. This style of earring will generally have numerous gold chains hanging from a gold bar and may even have certain semiprecious stones attached to each chain. However, no matter what your sense of style and fashion is, you are bound to find a pair of yellow gold earrings that are perfectly suited to you.

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